Amazing website navigation (24 examples)


Today I`ve collected 24 examples of marvelous website navigation.

1. LEGWORK Studio – Creativity, Innovation, DIY Ethic.LEGWORK Studio

2. Artsybury`s portfolio.Artsybury`s portfolio


4.  Racket – Web and Print design.Racket

5. Buty. Buty

6. Le Tpi.Le Tpi

7. Jeugdraad.Jeugdraad

8. Guy Vernes.Guy Vernes

9. Por Las Duda.Por Las Duda

10. Frontend Lab – Freelance web designer.Frontend Lab

11. Minne`s Diner – Hotter than a turtle.Minne`s Diner

12. Cultural Solutions UK.Cultural Solutions UK

13. Betsy Smith Worldwide – Copywriting and Consulting for the creative class.Betsy Smith Worldwide

14. Ready to WEB?Ready to WEB?

15. Pointless Corp. – We make pointless stuff.Pointless Corp

16. Welcome to Grandpeople. We specialize in graphic design, photography…Welcome to Grandpeople

17. Inservio – Web solutions.Inservio18. Gregory Sujkowski – web designer.Gregory Sujkowski

19. Eppla.Eppla

20. About the Jolly Duck Bunting.About the Jolly Duck Bunting

21. Spunqi – graphic, web and illustration designer.Spunqi

22. Bear Grylls Live on Stage.Bear Grylls

23. Ricore.Ricore

24. Jorge Rigabert.Jorge Rigabert

  1. Thanks for such a great selection of navigation ideas – nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  2. I like the images and originality, but the only problem is accessibility. These can be very difficult to use, unless you have a good text sitemap at the bottom.

  3. Nice collection. It is always nice to get ideas from other designers and other sites. It is what I do before I start any new concept.

  4. Visually a lot of them are quite cool and interesting however in terms of accessibility & practicality i think they could be problematic. For coolness factor my favourite would be . “Gregory Sujkowski”.

  5. As was already mentioned – cool designs, but sometimes not so cool for the actual purpose that they are trying to fulfill namely: NAVIGATION.

    Some of these are typical examples of ‘mystery meat’ navigation – in other words, the actual ‘meat’ is covered in a thick sauce and you have to guess what is underneath!

  6. Really like a few of these, but agree with several comments above about the concerns over accessibility.

    I particularly like the navigation on the Cultural Solutions site, though.

  7. Nice collection of nav bars. Again though, I think accessibility may be an issue. Some inspirational designs, particularly like the Gregory Sujkowski one. Simple but effective!

  8. Gone are the days of the old horizontal block nav bar. Love the collection, some great inspiration in there!