Amazing website navigation (24 examples)


Today I`ve collected 24 examples of marvelous website navigation.

1. LEGWORK Studio – Creativity, Innovation, DIY Ethic.LEGWORK Studio

2. Artsybury`s portfolio.Artsybury`s portfolio


4.  Racket – Web and Print design.Racket

5. Buty. Buty

6. Le Tpi.Le Tpi

7. Jeugdraad.Jeugdraad

8. Guy Vernes.Guy Vernes

9. Por Las Duda.Por Las Duda

10. Frontend Lab – Freelance web designer.Frontend Lab

11. Minne`s Diner – Hotter than a turtle.Minne`s Diner

12. Cultural Solutions UK.Cultural Solutions UK

13. Betsy Smith Worldwide – Copywriting and Consulting for the creative class.Betsy Smith Worldwide

14. Ready to WEB?Ready to WEB?

15. Pointless Corp. – We make pointless stuff.Pointless Corp

16. Welcome to Grandpeople. We specialize in graphic design, photography…Welcome to Grandpeople

17. Inservio – Web solutions.Inservio18. Gregory Sujkowski – web designer.Gregory Sujkowski

19. Eppla.Eppla

20. About the Jolly Duck Bunting.About the Jolly Duck Bunting

21. Spunqi – graphic, web and illustration designer.Spunqi

22. Bear Grylls Live on Stage.Bear Grylls

23. Ricore.Ricore

24. Jorge Rigabert.Jorge Rigabert

  1. Thanks for such a great selection of navigation ideas – nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  2. I like the images and originality, but the only problem is accessibility. These can be very difficult to use, unless you have a good text sitemap at the bottom.

  3. Nice collection. It is always nice to get ideas from other designers and other sites. It is what I do before I start any new concept.

  4. Visually a lot of them are quite cool and interesting however in terms of accessibility & practicality i think they could be problematic. For coolness factor my favourite would be . “Gregory Sujkowski”.

  5. As was already mentioned – cool designs, but sometimes not so cool for the actual purpose that they are trying to fulfill namely: NAVIGATION.

    Some of these are typical examples of ‘mystery meat’ navigation – in other words, the actual ‘meat’ is covered in a thick sauce and you have to guess what is underneath!

  6. Really like a few of these, but agree with several comments above about the concerns over accessibility.

    I particularly like the navigation on the Cultural Solutions site, though.

  7. Nice collection of nav bars. Again though, I think accessibility may be an issue. Some inspirational designs, particularly like the Gregory Sujkowski one. Simple but effective!