Color of the Business – Use of Blue in Website Design


Why so many designers prefer to use blue as a core color for creating business-like website designs? There are a lot of reasons. For example, blue is a color that responds for such emotions as calmness, tranquility, stability, seriousness thus blue is definitely have a positive impact on visitors. Another good reason is that a color of the sky goes perfectly well with white and dark colors; moreovre it can be easily combined with other rainbow colors. Сertainly, you have to be accurate in mixing them since sometimes, for example red and blue together can look a bit creepy, but you can do experiments with different shades in order to succeed. Also blue color does not strain your eyes and  very easy to perceive. Сut a long story short, blue is a color for establishing strong and serious relationships between you and your users.

Today I have picked up good examples of amazing professional website designs that were built with blue color in mind.

1. White Paper Clip White Paper Clip

2. Beer Festival Beer Festival

3. Juan Reyes Juan Reyes

4. Tilde Inc. Tilde Inc.

5. Transcreation Agency Transcreation Agency

6. Tweet Map Tweet Map

7. How much water did you drink today? How much water did you drink today?

8. MailChimp 2012 MailChimp 2012

9. The Lost Phone Experiment The Lost Phone Experiment

10. Rainbow Nursery Rainbow Nursery

11. Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Agency

12. Made for Humans Made for Humans

13. Webdesign Limburg Webdesign Limburg

14. Quazar Quazar

15. Send Me To South Pole Send Me To South Pole

16. Ayre Hoteles Ayre Hoteles

17. Meinpraktikum Meinpraktikum

18. Alfama Web Alfama Web

19. Wish List Wish List

20. Qustodio Qustodio

21. Cleevio Cleevio

22. La Yogurt Probiotic La Yogurt Probiotic

23. Glorm Glorm

24. Mobile Tuxedo Mobile Tuxedo

25. Pixel Stadium Pixel Stadium

26. Wabeo Wabeo

27. Goodtwin Goodtwin

28. Animartec Animartec

29. Mogreet Mogreet

30. Beoplay Beoplay

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