Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – January 2014 vol.2


Today we are going to take a look at fresh typography experiments that immediately grabs attention. The designer leverages various material in order to create original and offbeat fonts. Our inspirational collection includes various fantastic extraordinary types starting from common vibrant 3-dimensional characters and ending with simple yet truly elegant and refined  calligraphy. These typography manipulations are used in various purposes such as website design, poster design, package design and intros.

I hope you will find something special for you.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1.  CHEETOS / TYPE by Fernanda Sabaudo CHEETOS / TYPE by Fernanda Sabaudo

2. Pixel Alchemy by Artisticimage Pixel Alchemy by Artisticimage

3. Glamour Magazine by ILOVEDUST Glamour Magazine by ILOVEDUST

4.  Kadi by Kadi Koroma Kadi by Kadi Koroma

5. Happy Brands by Mariana Reis Happy Brands by Mariana Reis

6. TPR2014 intro by Nejc Polovsak TPR2014 intro by Nejc Polovsak

7. NEON TYPE by Thomas Burden NEON TYPE by Thomas Burden

8. A Minha Família by João Abraúl A Minha Família by João Abraúl

9. SEXY HAIR FONT ANIMATED by Riccardo Mucelli SEXY HAIR FONT ANIMATED by Riccardo Mucelli

10. Hand Type Vol. 12 by Raul Alejandro Hand Type Vol. 12 by Raul Alejandro

11. CRAFT & CONQUER by Vault49 CRAFT & CONQUER by Vault49

12. Found Type by Shivani Kohli Found Type by Shivani Kohli

13. supersonic by ever song supersonic by ever song

14. LOVEABET by Victoria Button LOVEABET by Victoria Button

15. Hot Dog by Caio de Paula Marques Hot Dog by Caio de Paula Marques

16. Fierce_Logo_Shattered by Fierce Dezigns Fierce_Logo_Shattered by Fierce Dezigns

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