Exceptional Website Designs Featuring Offbeat Navigation


Navigation is an integral part of any website. A lot depends on its right and proper execution. It is very important to thought it out and make it as better as possible. Especially when a designer decides on a unique and unconventional approach of creating navigation.

Today I have collected fresh examples of amazing website designs that feature exceptional offbeat navigations.

1. Studio None. This creative studio ably makes use of 3d cube, which is placed in the heart of the screen,  for navigation. Each facet involves a main link to the inner page. Studio None

2. House. The website includes numerous fantastic professional photos and videos. It is based on a vertical parallax and utilizes lift-sided menu with a special zest. House

3. Jens L. Mann has a clean parallax-based website. The latter includes quite simple but original navigation that is scattered throughout the front page. Each item is placed around the human image. Jens L. Mann

4. Quechua uses an illustrative approach to demonstrate menu. The heavily sketched background serves as a perfect base for menu items made in doodle-like manner.  Quechua

5. KathArt leverages very enthralling method for navigation between pages. You will be interactively explore the website, playing a role of observer. KathArt

6. Le Tour de France. The website represents a well-managed grid-based navigation. Each cell is dedicated to selected year.  Le Tour de France

7. Lago di Garda. The hotel’s website has a 3 column layout, where the third column serves for navigation. Although the home page seems to be quite information overloaded, it still looks properly organized. Lago di Garda

8. Boris Etingof has a unique interactive online portfolio that is made with the latest web standards in mind. Boris Etingof

9. Agence Interactive. The designer employs a slider concept to familiarize onlookers with its website. Agence Interactive

10. Drug Bless America is a website aimed to raise awareness about drug problems. Drug Bless America

11. Vismap Cucine strongly relies on a visual aspect, leveraging full screen image-driven navigation. Vismap Cucine

12. Adjust skillfully combines together retro and high-tech, providing users with amazing interfaces and easy-to-use keyboard navigation.  Adjust

13. Alt Graphic has a small almost minimal website that includes several inner pages.  Alt Graphic

14. Jacu has a full screen navigation that reveals like a standard side menu of mobile devices. Jacu

15. Simon Kern is another sophisticated website that presents 2 types of common navigation via keyboard and mouse. Simon Kern

16. Becherovka has an enigmatic website based on professional photo manipulations. The side menu utilizes wooden texture in order to perfectly fit into designn. Becherovka

17. Senador Volstead welcomes users with a huge navigation that leads to 3 basic category.  Senador Volstead

18. Dassel Und Wagner employs couple of navigations in order to bring a better user experience. Dassel Und Wagner

19. Alcyon is an elegant website that features an amazing semi-transparent circular navigation that certainly breaks the molds of the layout. Alcyon

20. N3RD has a front page that includes only navigation. The latter is based on a horizontal stripe layout and a sleek gradient. N3RD

21. Diesel has a cool interactive website that comprises energetic and offbeat image backgrounds with a halftone effect. Diesel

22. Mini Afisha features a horizontal parallax that reveals step by step history about Mini. Mini Afisha

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