Marvelous Examples of HTML5-Powered Website Designs


HTML5 and its possibilities is always considered as powerful instrument that eventually will bring our web to the better place with lots of interactivity, animations, dynamics and of course fast-loading websites. Numerous projects are already built with a help of this language. So today we are going to take a look at fresh examples of truly advanced website designs that skillfully utilizes HTML5. 

1. Amphibiox is a promotional website created for Geox that presents an interesting experiment.  Amphibiox

2. Rod McLean has an amazing online portfolio, which greets users with a clean tile style landing page. Rod McLean

3. Kabanhosoi features an eye-catching full screen slider that effectively displays high-quality retina-ready images. Kabanhosoi

4. TSC is a photo-based online portfolio that immediately draws users’ attention to artworks.  TSC

5. Arte Mix Live is a music-focused online magazine that sheds a light upon various events. Arte Mix Live

6. Casse-tete chinois has a magnificent geometric vibe that is bolstered by small lovely animations.  Casse-tete chinois

7. The Perfect Kilometre is a fully interactive website dedicated to Mercedes-Benz The Perfect Kilometre

8. Merry Christmas is a beautiful and modern website that leverages a fresh approach of  scroll activated animations. Merry Christmas

9. Alee Foroughi depicts a quite intelligent solution for presenting its activity online Alee Foroughi

10. Sonia By is a fashion-related website that welcomes its users with a huge image slider. Sonia By

11. Love Carmen Rose looks clean and trendy. The developer utilizes a stylish slide out menu. Love Carmen Rose

12.  Inner City. The website offers an interactive journey through digital agency. Inner City

13. Flying X-Mas Trees is a HTML5-powered browser game that is aimed to effectively contribute to festive mood.  Flying X-Mas

14. Michael Ngo has a light and accurate online portfolio that is full of pleasant tiny animations. Michael Ngo

15. Curadmir is a stylish sportive website that features a huge video-based animation. Curadmir

16. Digital Duel is another promotional website in our list that simply fascinates by its excellent combination of illustrations and small brisk effects. Digital Duel

17. Soundtree. The website is aimed to promote BMW by offering a small application for building your own sound tree. Soundtree

18. Kids love Jetlag. The website includes an amazing video slider that showcases various works. Kids love Jetlag

19. The Hobbit. The website is another intricate Chrome experiment that makes use of the most advanced technologies. The Hobbit

20. Minon offers a small browser game that is intended to draw users attention to its cakes. Minon

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