Subtle Well-Structured Grid-Based Websites


Majority of websites are based on rigid grid layouts whether it is a hand-made canvas or common widespread 960px grid, since it provides a numerous advantages, easily enclosing any type of information into properly-balanced frame and making user experience more pleasant. Despite of being quite essential and elegant not everyone tries to showcase its inner side to visitors. Generally it is difficult to say whether website has any structure at all, mainly because of its messy, disordered so to say creative and artistic appearance. But today we want to demonstrate subtle refined website designs that intentionally display data in cells that can be easily perceive by the naked eye. 

In a list below you will find fresh examples of well-structured website designs based on a grid.

1. Trama Trama

2. Mobileswall Mobileswall

3.  Natural Born Elegance Natural Born Elegance

4. The Congress Movie The Congress Movie

5. Adam and Eve DDB Adam and Eve DDB

6. Sebastian Sejer Sebastian Sejer

7. Elettra Wiedemann Elettra Wiedemann


9. RuberLab RuberLab

10. Kitchen Prague Kitchen Prague


12. Bluestepstudio Bluestepstudio

13. Luanda Sounds Luanda Sounds

14. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut

15. Donoghue Barrett&Singal Donoghue Barrett&Singal

16. Aldeia Coworking Aldeia Coworking

17. AcceleratedBy AcceleratedBy

18. Raconteur Raconteur

19. Sound Magazine Sound Magazine


21. The Secret Handshake The Secret Handshake

22. Fitness Fireworks Fitness Fireworks

23. Color Looks Color Looks

24. Mustafa Demirkent Mustafa Demirkent

25. W Magazine W Magazine

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