Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – February 2014 vol.2


February is a quite gloomy month that is full of snow, rain, grey clouds and bad weather, however it is also associated with the ending of the winter that sucks energy out from us for a long time. In order to cheer you up and give you a small boost of inspiration, every week we collect fresh roundup of amazing truly ingenious typography artworks. And today we are going to showcase various masterpieces starting from simple lettering that has been perfectly worked into an image background and ending up with a complex sketchy type-based illustration.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. Type-based artwork by frontapp Type-based artwork by frontapp

2. Carhartt W.I.P Exposition by Javi Bueno Carhartt W.I.P Exposition by Javi Bueno

3. Creare – Academia Criativa by Dimitri Bastos Creare - Academia Criativa by Dimitri Bastos

4. Staf Magazine  Staf Magazine

5. Catlicious by Cristian Malagón Garcia Catlicious by Cristian Malagón Garcia

6. Amicable Numbers by Spooky Pooka Amicable Numbers by Spooky Pooka

7. Tropical alphabet by Violaine & Jeremy Tropical alphabet by Violaine & Jeremy

8. Akbank Webit Congress Akbank Webit Congress

9. Legends  Legends

10. Sony ON by Andrea Ayala Sony ON by Andrea Ayala

11. Stay Salty Stay Salty

12. Life is Good  by BioWorkZ Life is Good  by BioWorkZ

13. Give peace a chance Give peace a chance

14. The artwork by rikartdo The artwork by rikartdo

15. Experimental Typography by Em Sproson Experimental Typography by Em Sproson

16. visualgraphc visualgraphc:

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