Use of Bright and Juicy Illustrations in Website Design


Bright website designs always look fantastic and definitely have certain advantages over others. Including awe-inspiring vivid illustrations that can easily grab users’ attention for a long time, such type of decorations will be appropriate at any time of the year.

Thus, summer is a perfect season for such website designs, when we are surrounded by all the colors of nature, and such website look absolutely harmonious and suitable. At the same time, in cold gloomy winter, when we are desparately looking for splash of joy and brightness it can instantly satisfy our needs, brightening our day.

Today I have featured fresh marvelous collection that includes amazing examples of vibrant website designs based on bright and juicy illustrations.

1. Freeger – ContextAd Freeger - ContextAd

2.  iPolecat iPolecat

3. House Kitchen House Kitchen

4. Aiia Aiia

5.  Rainbow Nursery Rainbow Nursery

6.  Creative House Creative House

7. La Table de Gisela La Table de Gisela

8. Click Now Click Now

9. Poutine La Banquise Poutine La Banquise

10. Seafood Restaurant Seafood Restaurant

11. Full Circle Design Full Circle Design

12. Kid and Us Kid and Us

13. Kick My Habits Kick My Habits

14. Future Bristol Future Bristol

15. Honkytonks Honkytonks

16. Super Sync Sports Super Sync Sports

17. Secret Key Secret Key

18. Designzillas Designzillas

19. Sam Markiewicz Sam Markiewicz

20. Magme Magme

21.  The Interactive Ear The Interactive Ear

22. SoLoMo SoLoMo

23. Adam Hartwig Adam Hartwig

24. Gloo Sticker Gloo Sticker

25. Fonds Salamon Fonds Salamon

26.  Summer Opening Summer Opening

27. NASA Prospect NASA Prospect

28. Les Voeux d’Artifices Les Voeux d'Artifices

29.  Harris Farm Harris Farm

30. Dumb Ways To Die Dumb Ways To Die

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