50+ colorful desktop wallpapers – vol.2


With overwhelming number of high-quality free wallpapers available online you can easily spice up your desktop and make your work day more bright. Moreover you can express your feelings by means of wallpaper since you can always find necessary desktop background that will accurately show your mood. Since spring has come but unfortunately weather is really lousy I want to make this day more warm and cheerful by means of  vivid colors.

Thus I`ve collected 58 free colorful wallpapers that will set your mood right and give you an inspiration to work more effectively.

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40+ free colorful wallpapers to spice up your desktop

1. Dribbble Christmas Tree Dribbble Christmas Tree

2. Playbook coverPlaybook cover

3. ImaginationImagination

4. The Freedom Of Colour The Freedom Of Colour

5. “d for delicious”"d for delicious"

6. Trio Hot and Trio ColdTrio Hot and Trio Cold

7. Fail Whale illustration Fail Whale illustration

8. Radar WallpaperRadar Wallpaper

9. Bauhaus ClockBauhaus Clock

10. Raise wallpaper Raise wallpaper

11. Sloth Wallpaper Sneak PeekSloth Wallpaper Sneak Peek

12. Flying ColorsFlying Colors

13. Rainbow of colorsRainbow of colors

14. FairiesFairies

15. DrawingArtDrawingArt

16. DARK SIDE Of The Rainbow Explosion DARK SIDE Of The Rainbow Explosion

17. LoversLovers

18. Colorful bokehColorful bokeh

19. Many colorsMany colors

20. Colorful cubesColorful cubes

21. Holiday Lights without calendar you can find on the middle of the listHoliday Lights without calendar

22.I love technoI love techno

23. AzzzaAzzza

24. Spectral Splendor available without calendarSpectral Splendor

25. Tapmates’ WallpaperTapmates' Wallpaper

26. Fancy Schmancy available without calendar Fancy Schmancy

27. Canvas ArtCanvas Art

28. Abstract flowersAbstract flowers

29. I ♥ starbucks I love starbucks

30. FullcolorFullcolor

31. PorchPorch

32. Plain sunsetPlain sunset

33. CaleidoCaleido

34. Colorful cityColorful city

35. TypeType

36. Bowtie Droid Bowtie Droid

37. FreezelightFreezelight

38.  Light Symphonia Light Symphonia

39. Happy Bunny Happy Bunny

40. Colorful stripesColorful stripes

41. Colorful Curls Colorful Curls

42. InspireInspire

43. Minimalist wallpaperMinimalist wallpaper

44. Cityscape Cityscape

45. Elektric-ButterflyElektric-Butterfly

46. Lines of colorsLines of colors

47. Just a Colorful WallJust a Colorful Wall

48. Colorful Lines Colorful Lines

49. Swimming towards your LoveSwimming towards your Love

50. ColorBlindsColorBlinds

51. Pear wallpaperPear wallpaper

52. Color fantasyColor fantasy

53. Our Alien Buddies Our Alien Buddies

54. Colorful wallpaperColorful wallpaper

55. Lake of fireLake of fire

56. GrenadeGrenade

57. Stripes backgroundStripes background

58. Circles backgroundCircles background

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