Attractive and Original Footers in Website Designs


Today I have decided to dedicate web design collection to original and truly  inspirational footers that become a rarity nowadays. At present designers prefer to utilize enormous spectacular photo backgrounds, create clean and elegant interfaces, welcomes users with amazing intro videos, use all power of trends, for example incorporate flat elements where it is possible and much more, whereas footers as well as headers become unnoticed and unclaimed, although they provide onlookers with a great deal of information related to contacts, optional navigation system or additional data. All in all they can bring a lot of benefits if used properly.

So, in a list below you will find 30 attractive examples of extraordinary footers.

1. Isadora Design  Isadora Design

2. BeSmart and Team BeSmart and Team

3. Kinderfotografie Kinderfotografie

4. Lit Group Lit Group

5. Poutine La Banquise Poutine La Banquise

6. Bullet PR Bullet PR

7. Praline Praline

8. Gloo Sticker Albums Gloo Sticker Albums

9. Card Stories Card Stories

10. Sweez Sweez

11. RooterPlus RooterPlus

12. Cocoa Heaven Cocoa Heaven

13. The Production Kitchen The Production Kitchen

14. Boshanka Boshanka

15. AlTaglio AlTaglio

16. Rainbow Nursery Rainbow Nursery

17. Jacksonville Art Walk Jacksonville Art Walk

18. Flash vs HTML Flash vs HTML

19. Flattr Flattr

20. Burger King Burger King

21. Green Bee Green Bee

22. Madeira Island Madeira Island

23. Hide, Find, Listen Hide, Find, Listen

24. Metiers d’art Metiers d'art

25. NASA: Prospect NASA: Prospect

26. Andres Carnederes Andres Carnederes

27. My Provence My Provence

28. Bully in a Box Bully in a Box

29. Rit Team Rit Team

30. MailChimp MailChimp

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