Inspiration Findings #22


Are you ready to get a dose of fresh and sheer inspiration? Today is the day of our regular enthralling collection that cast a light upon mind-blowing brand new typography treatments. These photo manipulations are truly diverse and engrossing. You will find amazing 3-dimensional examples, pixel-perfect vector graphics, abstract patterns wonderfully supported by exceptional handwritten font, interesting and offbeat variation on the theme “Man Trip” and others.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. DREAMS by Caleb The Designer DREAMS by Caleb The Designer

2. The 90’s by Dimitri Bastos The 90's by Dimitri Bastos

3. Some letterings by Celina Arvizu Some letterings by Celina Arvizu

4. Blind Spot Type Blind Spot Type

5. CHISEL : Handset type design of number by Supasini Tesana CHISEL

6. Kumpara by Sencer Bugrahan Kumpara by Sencer Bugrahan

7. Man Trip T 2013 by Luke Flowers Man Trip T 2013 by Luke Flowers

8. Las Vegas Tigers by Henrique Santiago Las Vegas Tigers by Henrique Santiago 

9. Pattern & Type by Vasare Nar Pattern & Type by Vasare Nar

10. Let the Future Prevail by Kimberly McGuire Let the Future Prevail by Kimberly McGuire

11. Phaser Guns? by Kyle Wilkinson Phaser Guns? by Kyle Wilkinson

12. Type in Space by Angela Arellano Type in Space by Angela Arellano

13. Day of the Dead by Steve Simpson Day of the Dead by Steve Simpson

14. T Shirt Design For DJ Momento by graphic designer T Shirt Design For DJ Momento by graphic designer

15. TIPOS by Fran Reza TIPOS by Fran Reza

16. Various Typography Works by Michael-Johannes Hahn Various Typography Works by Michael-Johannes Hahn

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