Vivid Summertime – Website Designs based on Hot Season’s Features


Today is the first day of the last summer month, almost 2/3 of a warm beloved season is gone, and it’s time to make a contribution to it. I’ve decided to create a collection of website designs that feature various outstanding characteristics of a summer.

Generally, website designs inspired by a current season includes spectacular seascapes, photos of hot beaches, bright blooming nature shots, warm color palette and a great deal of positive emotions and cheerful messages. Such designs are hard to miss since they definitely evoke optimistic feelings that are so in demand nowadays.

1. MLB Creative MLB Creative

2. Fontwalk Fontwalk

3. 24me 24me

4. United Wind United Wind

5. Sa Barca de Formentera Sa Barca de Formentera

6. The Kings of Summer The Kings of Summer

7. Quechua Quechua

8. Mathieu Mathieu

9. Sebanado Sebanado

10. House Kitchen House Kitchen

11. Hagland Hagland

12. Sweet Leaf Tea Sweet Leaf Tea

13. The Norfolk Broads App The Norfolk Broads App

14. Creative Simplicity Creative Simplicity

15. House House

16. SPF Sunscreen SPF Sunscreen

17. Ruberlab Ruberlab

18. Spendee App Spendee App

19. Kiliwatch Kiliwatch

20. More Air More Air

21. Seafood Restaurant Seafood Restaurant

22. Summer Openning Summer Openning

23. Rental Costa Brava Rental Costa Brava

24. Intel – The Perfect Match Intel - The Perfect Match

25. Wavefront Wavefront

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