Refined Website Designs Featuring Ultra Narrow Type


Today we are going to take a look at typography, to be more specific, at ultra thin type that recently became quite trendy and demanded. It is an essential element of flat style and any elegant design. It is also used in photo-based, illustration-oriented and clean monochrome websites in order to effectively complement or vice versa to put a content into stark contrast.

1. Rockets and Dots. The designer utilizes a monochrome coloring, making the landing page look absolutely clean and neat. Rockets and Dots

2. Andre Maurice has an interactive photo-based online portfolio that features an elegant ultra narrow type. Andre Maurice

3. With a Trace. The website looks enigmatic and interesting due to dark background that is nicely supported by thin regular font.  With a Trace

4. Cyril Masson. The designer skillfully plays with dark and light undertones, giving the front page absolutely stunning appearance. Cyril Masson

5. Alabama Real Estate. The website looks businesslike mainly due to a thin large type and photo background. Alabama Real Estate

6. Life according to Sam. The designer capably combines a relatively bold and ultra thin types, adding to the website a special zest. Life according to Sam

7. Admir Haziс ably takes on fresh approach of implementing trendy flat style, thus the website looks clean and exquisite. Admir Haziс

8. Webkiid utilizes a magnificent coloring. The typography looks refined and sophisticated. Webkiid

9. Ledblow. The website features fantastic digital like type that perfectly reinforces the theme. Ledblow

10. Apptivation. The designer makes use of ultra narrow type almost everywhere, you can find it on navigation, logo and slogan. Apptivation

11. La Jungle. The designer employs refined curly type in order to fix users attention to the logo. La Jungle

12. Mispp. The designer nicely mixes together halftone photo background and smooth rounded type. Mispp

13. Coreymade is another amazing online portfolio in our collection that is made with flat style in mind. The font looks neat and elegant. Coreymade

14. Knoed. The designer strongly relies on a contrast, utilizing a narrow complementary eye-catching type. Knoed

15. White Rhino. The designer employs bright and even a bit aggressive colors that beautifully complemented by sleek and smooth type. White Rhino

16. Nine. The designer leverages adopts minimal approach in order to make the logo look highly attractive.  Nine

17. Staels Borco. The ultra thin type that is enclosed in an elegant outline box easily gets readers’ attention. Staels Borco

18. Kurkawolna is a fantastic illustration-based website with cartoonish touches that fascinates users by its interactive and offbeat approach. The designer leverages type with a lovely lopsided feel. Kurkawolna

19. The most. The designer wisely utilizes sharp slightly clipped font that wonderfully complements the dark photo background. The most

20. Gravity Movie. The designer ably implements thin typography that efficiently supports the theme. Gravity Movie

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