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5 reasons to create a minimalist web layout


If you are eager to find new ways of improving your website and of attaching to it a more modern aspect, then you must become acquainted to the minimalist web design. In this article, web designers will learn a few things about this way of designing and will gather a few reasons why to adopt something like this. In other words, if you want to know more about the minimalist web design, the following lines will unravel this mystery.

I will begin by explaining to you what minimalist means and then I will display a list containing some reasons why a web designer should go for minimalist features. I’m sure you would like to get informed, so that you will know if this style suits you, the content of your website and your audience.

The meaning

I bet you have heard thousands of times that less is better. Well, the truth is that a low amount of details and features would allow people to concentrate on what is really important, that being the content or the information that your website sells. But, to be more precise, minimalism means that a certain product is chopped and clipped, until one is able to see and use just the essential. So, if you want to create a minimalist web design you will have to utilize only the basics, but in the end you will come up with something more user-friendly and more efficient.

Main reasons

Whenever you will decide to adopt a certain style or to do things keeping in mind certain criterion, you will have to analyze the reasons why you should follow a certain pattern. These being said, I have created a list that will help you understand why one should choose minimalism:


Nothing is more popular and more appreciated than a user-friendly website where people can find everything they need, in order to accomplish their projects. A minimalist website is more efficient, because it is not filled with extra features, which only has the purpose of embellishing the design. On the contrary, it has only the essential elements, people could find everything easily, and especially because of the minimalist components, the website will load faster.

1. Studio Antwork  Studio Antwork

2. MK minimalist web layout

3. Ousback minimalist web layout

Zero distractions

When people are tired it is easier to get distracted and to lose focus. So, if your website provides various distractions, alongside information and results, your audience will start to decrease, mainly because people want to pay attention only to the content not to flashy elements, auto media players or pop-up images, that not only distract, but exhaust them as well. Therefore, if your website is meant to help people accomplish certain tasks, or complete several projects, then it would be best if the design you went for would be a minimalist one. This way, you will manage to keep your visitors away from annoying features.

1. Deaxon Deaxon

2. Decorated Playlists Decorated Playlists

3. Alien Bikes Alien Bikes

Fewer rules

It goes without saying that if your website will adopt a minimalist design then you will have to insert fewer images, CSS rules, HTML elements, and the list may continue. The great thing about this fact is that the usability and efficiency will be increased, while your visitors will benefit from a great experience. But, even if your work will be simplified, this doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have to be serious and completely involved in this project. It is still a web design, and this means that you will have to think every element through and you will have to follow a well created plan. Some would say that the designing of such a web design might take even longer, mainly because people don’t know what to ditch and what to keep and because it is harder for them to see the essential.

1. Life in the bubble  Life in the bubble

2. Neverbland Neverbland

3. Trade marks and symbols by Stefan Kanchev Trade marks and symbols by Stefan Kanchev

Photoshop is not your forte

If you haven’t quiet unraveled the mysteries of Photoshop, then it is a good thing that you have decided to go for minimalism. However, this means that you are a pro when it comes to, graphics, typography, colors, the negative space and, that you know very well how to create balance and harmony between these elements. In other words, if you are a beginner, but you still desire to exhibit your work and to create websites, you may go for a minimalist design, until you will get more experienced and you will learn how to deal with more complicated and complex design features.

1. Deux Huit Huit Deux Huit Huit

2. Shelton Fleming Shelton Fleming

3. Last Bottle Last Bottle

Your design is prettier

Maybe some of you will fear that once you will stop playing with design features and impressive elements, your webpage will look unattractive. Well, the situation is quite the opposite. If you are talented and you love designing, then you will do a work of art with fewer features. There are many websites out there that use a low and subtle amount of elements, and still manage to display the right design. In fact, people are able to better admire the design, especially because the cluttering elements are no longer there.

1. Paravel Paravel

2. Christopher Meeks Christopher Meeks

3. Studio Airport  Studio Airport

Although there are many advantages when creating a website in a minimalist manner, web designers should really think about the purpose of such features. As you have figured it out by now, a minimalist design will enhance the usability, will allow the content to stand out and will transform the user in a more efficient person. But, if you design your webpage without taking these aspects into consideration, you will miss to see the essential and you will end up with something completely wrong.

At the same time, one must make sure that a minimalist design will match the theme of the projects. If you are designing a website that deals with entertainment and with ways of amusing the visitors, then minimalist wouldn’t be quite the best choice. The web designer should focus on finding features that will attract the audience’s interest and that will make people want to play various games or watch several photos.

Thus, the conclusion is that a minimalist design is very appropriate and some would say that it is quite the ideal way of creating a website that will allow people to accomplish their tasks, but if one doesn’t think this design style through, it is possible to end up with something unsuitable.

What do you think of minimalism? Do you find such website designs attractive and sophisticated? Or you are supporter of more traditional designs with a great deal of visual effects?

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