60+ free psd templates (spring edition)


Today we have collected 66 awesome Free PSD Templates that were released this spring. We devided them into 6 main groups: templates for blog, business/corporate websites, ecommerce, portfolio, Vcard and underconstruction pages. Most of these psd files can be used for most of your web projects. We hope you’ll find this collection useful.


1. Terrion Blog.Terrion Blog

2.  EZine Style Blog.EZine Style Blog

3. Simplistic Blog.Simplistic Blog

4. Template for wordpress blog (tutorial with available psd file)template for wordpress blog


1. Elegant websiteElegant website

2.  Website PSD Template in 3 colors.Website PSD Template in 3 colors

3. Corporate website.Corporate website

4. WordPress business website.WordPress business website

5. Vernon College: Free Education PSD.Vernon College: Free Education PSD

6. Exceleron.Exceleron

7. Global.Global

8.  Perpetual Redux.Perpetual Redux

9. Salon & Spa.Salon & Spa

10. Zuos Landing Page.Zuos Landing Page

11. ProSoft.ProSoft

12. Point. coPoint. co

13. Hosting Business.Hosting Business

14. Efficient Business Efficient Business

15.  Photographer’s Portfolio.Photographer’s Portfolio

16. Template for Airlines Company.Template for Airlines Company

17.  Education Website Template for Learn Center.Education Website Template for Learn Center

18. Business.co.Business.co

19. Single Page Layout.Single Page Layout

20. Music Website Template – Rock Your Web ProjectMusic Website Template – Rock Your Web Project

21. Web Design StudioWeb Design Studio

22. Lab theme. (tutorial with available psd file)Lab theme

23.  Splendio (WordPress theme with PSD Sources)Splendio

24. Corporate Clean.Corporate Clean

25. CallMedia. CallMedia


27. Robotic, light and simple template.Robotic, light and simple template

28. Clean Tech Website layout.Clean Tech Website layout

29. Ishika Real EstateIshika Real Estate

30. Continium.Continium

31. Accounting/finance web template.Accounting/finance web template

32. Oplakuwe.Oplakuwe

33. Imut Aje.Imut Aje

34. Events Template Website.Events Template Website


1. Dropholio – Creative Portfolio & Blog Template.Dropholio

2. Peano Creative.Peano Creative

3.  WordPress portfolio.WordPress portfolio

4.  Phototastic:  Photography Portfolio Template.Phototastic:  Photography Portfolio Template

5. Sennick: Portfolio Website PSD.Sennick: Portfolio Website PSD

6. Photag – Photography PSD Web Template.Photag - Photography PSD Web Template

7. Ripple.Ripple

8. ‘Manies Skily’ – Template for Gallery and Portfolio Website‘Manies Skily’ – Template for Gallery and Portfolio Website

9. Portland.Portland

10. Grunge portfolio.Grunge portfolio

11. PaperOne.PaperOne

12. GreenLantern.GreenLantern

13. Gallerise.Gallerise

14. One Page Portfolio.One Page Portfolio

15. HTML/CSS/PSD Template.HTML/CSS/PSD Template


1. Ecommerce website template.Ecommerce website template

2. EazyShop.EazyShop

3.  ThinkJuice.ThinkJuice

Underconstruction page


2. Creative Under Construction Template.Creative Under Construction Template

3.   “Critical Mass”.“Critical Mass”

4. Coming Soon Splash Page.Coming Soon Splash Page

5. BlueFire.BlueFire


1. V-Card Minimal website.V-Card Minimal website

2. My vcard. A simple vcard template with an about, portfolio and social page.My vcard

3. Slick elegant Vcard.Slick elegant Vcard

4. Elegant Dark Vcard.Elegant Dark Vcard

5. Green one page Vcard.Green one page Vcard

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