Top 5 Tools Every Blog Writer Should Have


It seems like everyone is running its own blog these days to share with the audience not only thoughts or news items but also tutorials and some inspiring stories and novels. Writers appear here, there, and pretty much everywhere.

If you adore publishing articles and composing stories and want to become a success in this area, you will need some helpful digital assistants. Starting with a free reference tool and ending with some collaborative instruments that let you get responses and critics from your colleagues and even work on the same project without leaving your home (that is extremely important during the Covid pandemic, by the way) there are some great applications out there.

Today we are going to consider the top 5 tools every blog writer should have in his or her arsenal.


Top 5 Tools Every Blog Writer Should Have


Referencing is increasingly important nowadays. Everyone wants to be appreciated. To play fair and square, every professional writer should supply his or her paper with citations. Even though keeping track of all the resources that you have used can be daunting, still, like it or not, it is an absolute must-have. To save yourself from lots of trouble and even fines in some countries, you should use a citation machine and a precise reference generator.

Where to find one? Well, we have got your covered. Cite4me is one of the most popular and time-proven free reference tools on the Web. It creates references, groups them according to your criteria, and provides tools for importing them into Word. It also lets you generate a bibliography according to 8 popular styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA, ACS, ASA, IEEE, Bluebook, APSA, Harvard) from different websites, books, journals, ebooks, newspapers, and of course, large databases.

That’s not all. Although initially it was created to help students generate reference pages and title pages for their academic papers, it has some additional functionality. For instance, it also offers such services as checking the content for plagiarism and getting your writing proofread and rewritten if you doubt the grammar of your story, article, or email copy.

cite4me - the best tool for blog writers


  1. Grammarly

Rule of thumb, whatever you are writing, it should be error-free. Therefore, Grammarly is another must-have application for a blog writer.

Great writing, simplified – this is an official slogan of Grammarly that says it all. It explicitly describes this outstanding service.

Being with us for a decade, Grammarly has carved itself quite a niche. It is a time-tested tool for checking your grammar on the Web via browser, in the traditional Microsoft Word, emails and messages such as Gmail or Outlook, and of course in social media such as Medium, Twitter, Facebook.

First and foremost, Grammarly helps you to eliminate all the errors, including wrong spelling and punctuation.

Second, it helps to find the best words to express yourself and meet the story’s tone.

Third, it can suggest changes in formatting so that your sentences sound more natural and understandable for the vast crowd.

Finally, you can test your manuscript against spam. This helps to create a story that delights readers with a plagiarism-free plot.



  1. Thesaurus

The nameplate states for itself. Thesaurus is one of the most popular vocabularies of synonyms in the wild. It covers more than 550,000 words. How impressive is that?

It is also the world’s leading digital dictionary that provides a million definitions and spellings. It is here where you can find words that will make your story more vibrant and expressive. Use it to avoid repetition and trivia that makes reading boring and bland.

The critical advantage of Thesaurus is it is regularly updated. Since language is continually evolving and updating with new terms and even slang, it is always great to use platforms that keep up with the world and provide up-to-date information. It helps to speak with your audience in the same language.

Finally, it also has a suite of tools that streamline the writing process when you lack the inspiration to keep on writing.

Thesaurus - the best tool for blog writers


  1. Reedsy Book Editor

Reedsy Book Editor is another sought-after tool for professional writers. It can be genuinely beneficial for amateurs and all irregular bloggers who want to make a strong impression and look like a seasoned columnist.

Reedsy is a production tool that turns formatting and conversion into child’s play. With this instrument at your fingertips, you do not need to worry about the hustle and bustle of making your story look professional.

Among its main features, you will find

  • a version history,
  • changes tracking,
  • a distraction-free environment where you can focus on your story, article, or whatever you plan to write,
  • collaborative editing with a commentary section where you can connect with your editor or colleagues to polish the manuscript,
  • tools for instant distribution to such popular platforms as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple iBooks, IngramSpark, etc.

As you can see, this tool has some aces in the hole.



  1. Google Docs

Google is almost a synonym for the Web. It is even used as a verb. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is featured in our list.

The goliath is famous for its numerous helpful tools. While most of them target tech-savvy people, there are some gems that writers may find useful in their writing process. Translate is a case in point. It is an excellent instrument for those who want to introduce some saucy passages into a story by using a foreign language or lingo. However, it is not on our list; what we have included is Google Docs.

Google Docs, an advanced yet handy online word processor, is an increasingly useful application that works on various platforms and devices. It lets you create documents within any popular environment. You can use it on a cell-phone, tablet, and PC. It gives quick access to your doc files wherever you are. It can be used as a safe vault for your files or temporary storage when you are on holiday.

Finally, it is an excellent tool for collaborative work. If you want to share your copy with others (colleagues, friends, editor), all you need is to drag your files inside the application or Google drive in your Gmail account and grant access to selected users. Easy.


Whatever situation in the world, you should never suppress your creativity. If you feel like you want to compose a poem, a story, or even an epic adventure, do it. Use our tools to make your manuscript look professional without much effort. Always check it on grammar mistakes and make sure it has all the references to respect others’ rights.

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