150 FREE High-Quality GUI Sets of 2012


Website and Application design is one of the most popular nowadays. A great deal of artists have been involved in this industry. And as a consequence, it steadily goes on, in majority, bringing us absolutely stunning artworks. As you know, basis for such a work is a well-thought general user interface set that includes a lot of useful and helpful elements. It usually makes your work less time-consuming and more pleasent. Nearly every week designers’ community gives away, at least, one ui kit showing its skills and helping others to become more professional.

Today I have collected an awesome collection that includes 150 absolutely free high-quality GUI sets of a current year. I have divided list into 4 sections: Dark Sets, Light Sets (the biggest one), Colorful Sets and new one, really rare Transparent Sets.

Enjoy and Good Luck!


1.Midnight UI Kit Midnight UI Kit

2.Zeus GUI set Zeus GUI set

3.UI Kit UI Kit

4.Black Dashboard Interface Black Dashboard Interface

5. Volcanic UI Kit by Dennis Terrey Volcanic UI Kit by Dennis Terrey

6. Dark UI Kit Dark UI Kit

7.Black UI Kit Black UI Kit

8.iphone ui by Virgil Pana iphone ui by Virgil Pana

9.UI Leather Style UI Leather Style

10.Fabric UI Kit Fabric UI Kit

11.Ares GUI set – only part 1 Ares GUI set

12.Dark UI Kit by Vinny Singh Dark UI Kit by Vinny Singh

13.Neon UI Elements Kit UI Elements

14.Dark Themed UI SetDark Themed UI Set

15.Crito UICrito UI

16.iPad GUI PSD (Retina Display)Pad GUI PSD (Retina Display)

17.Devisual Media free UI packDevisual Media free UI pack

18.NEW YouTube UI KitNEW YouTube UI Kit

19.Twitter For Mac GUI Twitter For Mac GUI

20.Exclusive Stylish User Interface Kit (PSD)Exclusive Stylish User Interface Kit (PSD)

21. iPhone 4 UI Kit iPhone 4 UI Kit

22.Apollo GUI setApollo GUI set,

23.Media Black UI Kit (PSD) Media Black UI Kit (PSD)

24.Pandora UI Free for iOS Pandora UI Free for iOS

25.Dark Form UI KitDark Form UI Kit

26.Dark Orange UI Kit v1.0Dark Orange UI Kit v1.0

27.Mega-UI Pack 1Mega-UI Pack 1

28.Simple web elementsSimple web elements

29.Violet UI KitViolet UI Kit

30.Radio KitRadio Kit

31. Darkchest (part1 | part 2 )Darkchest

33.Hilal UI KitHilal UI Kit

34.Form and Web ElementsForm and Web Element psd file

35.Infographic Vector KitInfographic Vector Kit

36.Glossy UI Elements Glossy UI Elements

37.Form elementsForm elements

38.Web UI ElementsWeb UI Elements

39.Tron Glow UI SetTron Glow UI Set

40.UI kitUI kit

41. Black and gold UI Kit Black and gold UI Kit

42.Official Android 4.0 UI DownloadsOfficial Android 4.0 UI Downloads

43.Dark UI KitDark UI Kit

44.Resolution Independent UI SetResolution Independent UI Set

45. Transluscent UI Elements Transluscent UI Elements


1.Blueey GUI Blueey GUI

2.Butterfly UIButterfly UI

3.Smooth UI Kit Smooth UI Kit

4.Hanna UI Kit Hanna UI Kit

5.Simplistic UI Kit Simplistic UI Kit

6.Minima UI Kit Minima UI Kit

7.UI Pack UI Pack

8.Clean & Usable UI Kit Clean & Usable UI Kit

9.Mobile and Web UI Kit by Sunil Joshi Mobile and Web UI Kit by Sunil Joshi

10.Safari 5 UI Kit Part 1 by Joris Rigerl Safari 5 UI Kit Part 1 by Joris Rigerl

11.UI Kit by Michael Donovan UI Kit by Michael Donovan

12.Minimize Minimize

13.Instagram Mac App UI Instagram Mac App UI

14.Yogurt UI kit by Kevin Anderson Yogurt UI kit by Kevin Anderson

15.Baby Blue UI Kit by Aleksandar Djuric Baby Blue UI Kit by Aleksandar Djuric

16.UI kit soft by Vic Bell UI kit soft by Vic Bell

17.Blitz UI Kit Blitz UI Kit

18.Heavenly Assorted User Interface (UI) Kit Heavenly Assorted User Interface (UI) Kit

19.Tiny UI Elements by Cosmin Negoita Tiny UI Elements by Cosmin Negoita

20. Fine UI Kit Fine UI Kit

21.Soft UI Kit Soft UI Kit

22.Retro Music Player UI Retro Music Player UI

23.Small UI KitSmall UI Kit

24.Very clean UI elementsVery clean UI elements

25.Groovy UI KitGroovy UI Kit

26.Crisp UI KitCrisp UI Kit

27.Hanna UI KitHanna UI Kit

28.Sketchy Mobile Wireframe Elementssketchy Mobile Wireframe Elements

29.Coconut small ui kit Coconut small ui kit

30.User Interface Kit User Interface Kit

31.Facebook TemplateFacebook Template

32.Register and Payment FormRegister and Payment Form

33.UI Set 2UI Set 2

34.Chat UI Chat UI

35.Facebook fan page guiFacebook fan page gui

36.Pixel UI KitPixel UI Kit

37.UI KitUI Kit PSD


39.Dent UIDent UI

40.Colorful 3D UI KitColorful 3D UI Kit

41.Minimal UI KitMinimal UI Kit

42.Light UI KitLight UI Kit

43. UI Form ElementsUI Form Elements

44.Candy UI KitCandy UI Kit

45.Sexy Blue UISexy Blue UI

46.Mac App Mockup KitMac App Mockup Kit

47.Clean GUI elements packClean GUI elements pack

48.Smartik UI – User Interface KitSmartik UI – User Interface Kit

49.Designing the SimpleAdmin Theme: Forms and Controls Designing the SimpleAdmin Theme: Forms and Controls

50.Hand Drawn UI KitHand Drawn UI Kit

51.Mega Web Elements UI KitMega Web Elements UI Kit

52.Web Layout Ui PackWeb Layout Ui Pack

53.Grey Web UI ElementsGrey Web UI Elements

54.Gradient UI KitGradient UI Kit

55.UI Design KitUI Design Kit

56.Myriad UI KitMyriad UI Kit

57.UI KitUI Kit

58.KISS UI Kit V1 KISS UI Kit V1

59.Facebook Page Fan TimelineFacebook Page Fan Timeline

60.Google Maps UIGoogle Maps UI

61.Aresio Web Ui KitAresio Web Ui Kit

62.Simplicity UI KitSimplicity UI Kit

63.Minimo– Clean and Minimalistic UI Kit Minimo – Clean & Minimalistic UI Kit

64.Fresh UI KitFresh UI Kit

65. Clean UI Kit Clean UI Kit


1.Gaming and cartoon GUI pack has 1st part for free Gaming and cartoon GUI pack

2. Ui Cream Style Ui Cream Style

3.Purple Ui KitPurple Ui Kit

4.Health Ui Kit Health Ui Kit

5.Votes & Ratings UI Kit Votes & Ratings UI Kit

6.Transparent Ui Kit Transparent Ui Kit

7.Orange UI Kit Orange UI Kit

8.Precio UI Set Precio UI Set

9.Web ElementsWeb Elements

10.Rainbow UI KitRainbow UI Kit

11.Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Photoshop Template PSDTwitter Bootstrap 2.0 Photoshop Template PSD

12.Cielo UI Kit v1.0Cielo UI Kit v1.0

13.SC iPhone UI KitSC iPhone UI Kit (PSD)

14.Exotico UI SetExotico UI Set

15.Cork UI Cork UI

16.Red UI Red UI

17.Simple Green Ui Kit Simple Green Ui Kit

18.Plush UI Toggles Plush UI Toggles

19.RetroPixel GUI, 1000+ vintage elements RetroPixel GUI, 1000+ vintage elements

20. UI Set 1UI Set 1

21.Chat App UI Chat App UI

22.Insta GUIInsta GUI

23.Wooden Style 3D ButtonsWooden Style 3D Buttons

24.Form UI KitForm UI Kit


26.Web kit 2.0Web kit 2.0

27.PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit (Set)PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit (Set)

28.Balio Web UI KitBalio Web UI Kit

29.Deep Green UI KitDeep Green UI Kit

30. PerfectJane ui kitPerfectJane ui kit

31.Brushed aluminum UI elementsBrushed aluminum UI elements

32.UI ElementsUI Elements

33.Light UI KitLight UI Kit

34.3D Blue Web Elements3D Blue Web Elements

35.SunshineUI Premium User InterfaceSunshineUI Premium User Interface

36.Modern Blue UI KITModern Blue UI KIT

37.Web UI ElementsWeb UI Elements

38.Web UI SetWeb UI Set


1.Transparant UI Kit Transparant UI Kit

2.Transparent Ui kit Transparent Ui kit

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