The Key Features of Web Design in 2021


2020 has been a year to remember. It will stay in our memories, mostly for all the wrong reasons. Pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyle. It has influenced all the aspects of our life, including a way of conducting business.

Indeed, the situation is discouraging, however, it does not mean that everything is lost and you should give up. On the contrary, it is time to pull yourself together and finally embrace the changes that this crisis has brought to us. After all, the new year is here.

In 2021 when the aftermath of Covid-19 becomes tangible for all business sectors, such thing as the website becomes one of the main tools to work and communicate with your clients. Although you have email marketing and numerous social media channels, still dear old website is going to be your solid foundation to build on and pull off various marketing tricks to stay afloat.

Let’s face it. In 2021 we are all going to stay at home. Even though the vaccine has already been developed, still rules of isolating and keeping your distance are imposed. It means that the target market will stay indoors and use the internet to do all the stuff, including shopping and outsourcing services through trusted platforms, like Wow24-7.  The time has come to invest in your website design in order to meet the current needs and requirements.

Where to start? Begin with adjusting your website to current standards and modern trends. This way, you will ensure that your online estate – that is, by the way, the face of your company – create the right image for your brand, increase trust, and most importantly, cater to your clientele’s needs, wining you some extra points.

The Key Features of Web Design in 2021

Web design in 2021 will be a little bit different in comparison to the previous years. We are falling deeper into the digital world; therefore, web design aspects that help make the user experience more comfortable for internet junkies are getting more and more in demand. Let’s consider four key features that help your website fight the competition in 2021.


We are talking a lot about responsiveness, but, mobile-friendliness is what really matters these days. According to recent studies, mobile browsing has successfully surpassed desktop browsing and tablet browsing. With people staying more at home this year, these numbers will only grow. Therefore, making your website mobile-friendly is obligatory.

However, note one important thing. Although the mobile-first approach seems like the best thing to do in 2021, you should still exercise caution. The deal is, although mobile browsing is becoming popular, still devices with various screen sizes are baked like hot pancakes, including ones with the big diagonal line. So, you can’t neglect them. Just remember iPad Max, Macbooks, and all those smart TVs that let your surf through the internet right from your couch. Neat.

So, you need to handle all screen sizes efficiently. Therefore, it is better to stick to a time-proven responsive approach yet pay particular attention to the mobile version, investing some good money into mobile-friendliness, much like this call center outsourcing services does. It was certainly designed for thumbs.

The Key Features of Web Design in 2021



As we have said numerous times, accessibility is a real thing. Like it or not, but your website should meet all the accessibility requirements.

Accessibility is not only about providing equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. It is about making your website accessible to everyone regardless of their health, financial state, and current situation.

Accessibility encourages you to polish all the aspects of your website, including responsiveness, performance, and optimization, so that people with a slow internet connection, those who prefer to use cell-phones, elders, and just users from rural areas or developing countries have the ability to enjoy your website.

Even if your target market is not all those listed above groups of people, still accessible design underlies excellent overall user experience. The latter ensures a high satisfaction level from your company and the right brand image. It also helps to extend your market that is increasingly vital in 2021 since the competition will be tough as ever.

The Key Features of Web Design in 2021



Dark Mode

The dark mode is a fresh trend in website design. It started last year, and it is still in the running. Email marketing and mobile application largely capitalize on it.

The main reason for dark mode getting popular is, it helps to reduce eye strain. According to stats, almost 40% of Apple’s users prefer to browse websites in dark mode. That is a significant share. You can’t miss this piece of the pie.

One way to take part in this tendency is to create two versions of the design: one in light mode and another one in dark mode. This way, you will give your users the freedom of choice and successfully meet the current preferences of your target market, to say nothing about extending it even more.

When opting in favor of dark mode, always remember the contrast ratio and reading experience, especially on small screens.

The Key Features of Web Design in 2021



Customer Experience

User experience always has been of top priority. However, this year it will take the leading position. According to recent studies, customers expect companies to become more user-centric and user-aware. They expect personalized experiences that will bring them nothing but value. Therefore, it is time to analyze your website design and make the user’s journey enjoyable and productive.

There are various ways to make customer experience fit the bill. However, first and foremost, do not forget about the essentials such as handy navigation, clear CTAs, simple yet effective contact forms, a well-formatted block of texts, perfect balance between textual and visual information and a smooth reading experience. You can also entertain users with some interactive features, playgrounds, and out-of-the-box takes on standard components.



Bring in 2021 with a socially-distanced bang. Make your website flawless on all levels. Make it a place to be and a place to communicate with your brand. This way, you will manage to cement your relationships with the clientele, generate some leads and help your company stay afloat.





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