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Mobile weather apps are very popular, since they can easily decorate any mobile screen, providing owners with valuable up-to-date information. A great deal of designers recreate forecast that instantly fascinates onlookers with its execution and sophisticated appearance. Weather widgets are no longer simple mobile extensions, they are real decorative tools that shine with modern styles.

Today I have collected fresh list of helpful resources for those who want to recreate something simular. I have included both icons packs that are aimed to showcase various weather conditions in a more intuitive way, and ready-to-use sterling weather widgets. All items are free for use.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Weather Widgets

1. Weather Widget (freebie) by Dylan Opet Weather Widget (freebie) by Dylan Opet

2. Outdoors ui (free PSD) by Pele Chaengsavang Outdoors ui (free PSD) by Pele Chaengsavang

3.Weather App PSD Freebie Weather App PSD Freebie

4. Weather Widget by Zubair Ali Weather Widget by Zubair Ali

5. Weather and Time by s-pov Weather and Time by s-pov

6. Skyviewer [PSD] by JOMMANS Skyviewer [PSD] by JOMMANS

7. Weather + PSD by Andrey Maxim Weather + PSD by Andrey Maxim

8. Weather Widget by Dave Keller Weather Widget by Dave Keller

9. Retina Ready flat weather widget by Pieter Goris Retina Ready flat weather widget by Pieter Goris

10.  Weather Dashboard rebound by Jakub Spitzer Weather Dashboard rebound by Jakub Spitzer

11. For sometimes.. by Alexander Scott For sometimes.. by Alexander Scott


13. Metro UI Kit Vol.2 by edog Metro UI Kit Vol.2 by edog

14. Weather by Irina Weather by Irina

15. Weather Widget PSD Weather Widget PSD

16. Weather Widget – Part 2 by Avinash Tripathi Weather Widget - Part 2 by Avinash Tripathi


1. Climacons by Adam Whitcroft Climacons by Adam Whitcroft

2. Weather Icon Font by Edgar Weather Icon Font by Edgar

3. Weather Icons PSD by 夹克 Weather Icons PSD by 夹克

4. Weather Icon PSD by Onlyoly Weather Icon PSD by Onlyoly

5. Weather Icons by Michael Dolejš Weather Icons by Michael Dolejš

6. Weather icons PSD by Nick Zhukov Weather icons PSD by Nick Zhukov

7. Weather Icons by Daisy Binks Weather Icons by Daisy Binks

8. Weather Icons set psd by AR Rehman Weather Icons set psd by AR Rehman

9. Not another weather app by Aleksandar Tasevski Not another weather app by Aleksandar Tasevski

10. Illustrator Icon Tutorial Illustrator Icon Tutorial

11. Thermometer Free Psd by Stanislava Stojanovic Thermometer Free Psd by Stanislava Stojanovic

12. Weather Icons by Cyrhen Weather Icons by Cyrhen

13. Weather Icons + psd by Paweł Pniewski Weather Icons + psd by Paweł Pniewski

14. Ico Weather by David Boyero Ico Weather by David Boyero

15. Weather icon set Weather icon set

16. Meteocons Meteocons

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