10 geek things


Geek is a  person who obsessed with things which connected with intellectuality, electronics, computers, tech, etc. It`s a slang term. Meaning of this term has changed through years and nowadays it doesn`t have a definitive meaning. There are some words which have the same meaning like nerd, gimp, dweeb or dork. Though, geek stuff can be pretty adorable for other non geek people. I`m going to show you set of the 10 geek things which I definitely believe you`d like.

1.Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard. The new model of the keyboard is capable of individually lighting each key in color which you choose. Also it can do some tricks, for example it can do an animated rainbow across all the keys.Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

2. 1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope. Yes, real microscope, but of course it`s not so powerful like real one, but this model can impressed you as well. Zoom in all your stuff up to 200x.1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope

3. Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. The future is here. This laser projects a keyboard on any surface,certainly surface  should be flat.Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

4. CableDrop Cable Clips. This 6 clips (red, black and white) will organise you workplace and prevent from losing important stuff among cables.CableDrop Cable ClipsCableDrop Cable Clips

5. Magic wand television remote. Every TV remote is a magic wand for us, but what if your control looks just like Harry Potter`s wand. You just say some magic words and push a button and wonders are happened – turn on your favourite channel.Magic wand television remote

6. Vers wood Iphone Case. Just imagine one of the most incredible tech stuff will have environmentally-friendly, protective almost immortal shield. Moreover you can choose among 3 types of wood : Cherry, Walnut, or Bamboo.Vers wood Iphone Case

7. Doodle Track. Magic car will follow you every where you draw a black line, Set includes all you need: markers, mat even demo sheet. For only 15$ you can plunge into your childhood.Doodle Track

8. USB Stress Ball. Work always brings a great deal of stress, that`s why developers create this simple device that can easily ease your routine pain. All you have to do is plug it in and squeez and watch that unwanted email quiver in pain, begging for mercy.USB Stress Ball

9. USB Drum kit. For those who dream about rock every second. In order to make a computer to do what you want you should hit it with included drumsticks. Moreover it includes 5 sounds, 2 sets,2 drumsticks, and 1 beats.USB Drum kit

10. Grassy Lawn Charging Station. Your workstation is so dull and you want a little bit of nature around – this charging station is really what are you looking for. You can hide charging cable disaster with scenic grass, your gadgets will think they’re on a  vacation.Grassy Lawn Charging Station

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