Free Profile Boxes and Widgets PSDs

Free Profile Boxes and Widgets PSDs


There are a great deal of various versatile social media sites that give numerous advantages for those who want to represent itself in the best possible way. You can tell about yourself using not only textual data, but also multimedia, uploading comprehensive videos and images that will cast a proper light upon your work.

So in order to establish your brand you have to take into consideration not only your website, but also other web pages where you show off yourself; and to make your web presence more coherent and harmonious you should stick to one style that will help to instantly recognize you and easily separate from others.

To make your life easier various designers create sample profiles that include essential information represented in a brief form in order to forward you in the right direction.

Today I have collected more than 20 valuable profile widget template psds that were created for those who seek inspiration for creation eye-catching and elegant profile boxes that aimed to decorate portfolio, business website or simple blog .

1. Profile Widget [Free PSD] by Jonathan Shariat Profile Widget [Free PSD] by Jonathan Shariat

2. Twitter tweeter by Erik Deiner Twitter tweeter by Erik Deiner

3. Profile card interface [free UX/UI psd] by Sam Markiewicz Profile card interface [free UX/UI psd] by Sam Markiewicz

4.  Profile Tabs Freebie (PSD) by Jesse Wallace Profile Tabs Freebie (PSD) by Jesse Wallace

5. Free PSD – User Details by Rob Hampson Free PSD - User Details by Rob Hampson

6. Just a joke – Peth – PSD by emilie badin Just a joke - Peth - PSD by emilie badin

7. Rebound Twitter by Edwin Delgado Rebound Twitter by Edwin Delgado

8. Free Profile PSD by Yiğit Pınarbaşı Free Profile PSD by Yiğit Pınarbaşı

9. Profile Widget. Animation + PSD. by Aaron Sananes Profile Widget. Animation + PSD. by Aaron Sananes

10. Another Twitter thing by Davey Heuser Another Twitter thing by Davey Heuser

11. Spotify profile widget by Kevin Anderson Spotify profile widget by Kevin Anderson

12. Animated Twitter Widget by Jona  Animated Twitter Widget by Jona

13. Transparent Twitter Profile by Claude Meri Transparent Twitter Profile by Claude Meri

14. Twitter Profile Widget(PSD) Twitter Profile Widget(PSD)

15. Dribbble Profile Widget by Bart Ebbekink Dribbble Profile Widget by Bart Ebbekink

16. Twitter Account Widget Twitter Account Widget

17. Profile Plate – PSD by Jamie Heuze Profile Plate - PSD by Jamie Heuze

18. Profile .PSD by Dylan Simel Profile .PSD by Dylan Simel

19.Message Widget PSD by Martin David Message Widget PSD by Martin David

20.Mini Profile .PSD by Eldin Heric Mini Profile .PSD by Eldin Heric

21.Profile Box Widget Profile Box Widget

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