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5 Must-Have Features for Every Successful Corporate Website


We are living in an era where capsule solutions run the show. One-page websites, smartwatch applications, one-screen email designs, mini iPhone 12 – this list goes on and on. However, even though landing pages are a new black now, and many startups exploit this approach to the full extent; still, there is nothing better than an old-timey company website when it comes to conducting your business in a serious way. Like it or not, but sometimes one page is not enough to present your company and make yourself heard in the digital expanses where competition is fierce than ever.

Whether you are in the educational sector where you provide assistance in writing killing statement of purpose, or you are in the agricultural industry, and you want to draw everyone’ attention to a beauty hidden in fields, the corporate website will help to achieve your goals and create the right image to build a formidable reputation.

Indeed, a good corporate website can do magic. However, to get one is not that easy. The deal is, it is not enough to gather everything in one place. A website worthy of your brand should have a compositional harmony supported by usability features, beautiful design trends, and of course, must-have elements that give users what they need and want right here right now.

Today we are going to reveal five must-have features of every successful corporate website so that you can take your online estate to the next level and ensure success for your business in 2021.

Have-it-all Homepage

Consider the homepage as the face of your company. It produces a general impression and the first one that, as we all know, you will never have a second chance to make. Therefore, it should be perfect. On top of that, not only should it have an impressive hero area, but it also should cover everything you may find important, everything you think your target market will need.

Do not be afraid to make it long and scrollable. As long as you use alternate colors for sections, cards for content, rich but straight-to-the-point multimedia, and interactive features, you should not bother about its level of engagement. Proper formatting and modern tricks ensure excellent readability and make your content easily digestible. Consider EssayEdge as a perfect case in point.

Its homepage has it all: hero area, navigation, pricing table, tabs, video testimonials, and all sorts of material that students may find useful. However, thanks to clever design and usability tricks, everything works here. You can enjoy the interface and, at the same time, locate all the crucial information. Smart.


About Us Page

Personalization is a huge trend. It dictates rules in email design, mobile applications, and, of course, websites. The reason for its vast popularity is that in a cold artificial environment (the web), the warm human touch is simply irresistible. People love to hear their names. People love to communicate with other people. And people certainly would love to know who they are going to deal with.

Therefore, the About Us page that includes not only plain facts about the company but also photos of the team or even the office may easily win over visitors. This trick helps to make your company closer to the audience and contribute to your relationships with them. It also helps to establish trust in a brand.

Take a look at the Team page in L&F Acquisition Corp. Here you can see all the members of the corporation. Each picture has an accompanying page where you can read more about the person. It is simple yet effective.

about page

Contact Page

It is one of the most important pages on the website. In terms of priority, it goes right after the homepage. It is your tool for communication with the target market. Therefore, everything should be transparent, clean, and neat. It is here where you need to show your contact information as well as provide various modes to reach you out.

For example, it should have a contact form without any extra mumbo-jumbo (stick to the three-field form to make it handy), links to active social media profiles, and of course, an instant chat with your managers or support team. More so, it is customary to include a google map to show your location and even a photo of your company’s office façade. This will help to build trust and cultivate healthy relationships with the customers.

Consider Anemoimarine as a representative example. Although it does not have all the listed above features, it is still managed to hit the essentials. This excellent approachability is enough to win over clients. So, what can you see in here? You can find

  • Telephone number;
  • Two email addresses;
  • The physical address of the head office and directions on how to get there;
  • Social media icons;
  • Map;
  • Contact form.

contact page

Portfolio to Impress

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to the business sector, nothing speaks louder than a bunch of works presented in the portfolio section. Portfolio items show your level of professionalism, qualify your brand, and make a long-lasting impression. It is here where you can also brag about your skills, clients, and ideas.

As a rule, such a section includes a basic gallery with images. However, if you create a showreel or give this section an extra WebGL-powered spice, you will certainly get some extra points.

Duo Studio provides us with a great example. Much like any creative agency, this one uses a portfolio section to show off. You can see here the most prominent pieces. Using some modern features and tricks, the team was managed to transform it into a small show where the agency’s skills and creativity are exposed to the audience.

portfolio page


Last but not least, the FAQ page.

As banal as it may sound, the well-thought-out page with a frequently asked question may save the day. It is here where all your visitors can get quick answers to their questions. It is a real life-saver for all those brands that do not want to use instant assistants or chats on their websites. This page should include solutions for all the popular issues. Make it big; make it educational. The right FAQ page will help your visitors and save your company from irrelevant calls and emails. Remember, time is money.

If you doubt the FAQ page, you can always add a small FAQ block to the homepage that meets the audience’s needs bringing benefits to the company’s existence in online expanses.


It seems at first that huge corporate websites are a somewhat forgotten thing these days, but everything is not that simple. Although landing pages, along with minimal solutions, help to kick start businesses online, when it comes to establish long-term deep-rooted relationships and run long-lasting campaigns, only corporate websites can fit the bill.

Follow our guide to introduce these five must-have features into your website. They will give your business a solid online presence that will provide you with a foundation for building a subscription list, keeping your target market engaged, promoting your brand, and generating leads.

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