Weekly Fresh Web Design Freebies – Vol. 26 (7-10-2013)


Today’s list of valuable designers’ stuff includes couple of clean and neat free wordpress themes, 2 stylish flat website psd templates (intended for creating business sites), 4 vibrant polished GUI sets, and a massive collection of icons (including icons for social media, SEO icons, flat, retro and outline icons)

Bonus section comprises music player psd template suitable for mobile interfaces.

Enjoy and Good Luck!


1. PrimePress PrimePress

2. Time Time


1. One Page Website Design: Macan Kumbang One Page Website Design: Macan Kumbang

2. BlueBox: Flat Website PSD Templates Design BlueBox: Flat Website PSD Templates Design


1. Dashboard UI Design Dashboard UI Design

2. Spotify Flat by Nabil Ghulam Spotify Flat by Nabil Ghulam

3. Simplesta User Interface Kit Simplesta User Interface Kit

4. Metro UI PSD Metro UI PSD


1. Colorful icons (PSD included) by Saeng-a-loon Chaengsavang Colorful icons (PSD included) by Saeng-a-loon Chaengsavang

2. Qvoppies: Free social icons + PSD by Ampeross Qvoppies: Free social icons + PSD by Ampeross

3. 32 ICONS FOR FREE by Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy) 32 ICONS FOR FREE by Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy)

4. 100 Fresh SEO Icons by Azis Hertanto 100 Fresh SEO Icons by Azis Hertanto

5.  Flat icons PSD by Simeon Odiaka K Flat icons PSD by Simeon Odiaka K

6. FLAT Social Icons CSS by Jorge Calvo FLAT Social Icons CSS by Jorge Calvo

7. Social Media Icons (Free Psd) by Hakan Ertan Social Media Icons (Free Psd) by Hakan Ertan

8. 30 Free Icons (with PSD) by Bluroon 30 Free Icons (with PSD) by Bluroon

9. Hexagon Social Icons by Suleiman Leadbitter Hexagon Social Icons by Suleiman Leadbitter

10. Flat but not flat rounded social icons Flat but not flat rounded social icons

11. Minimal Retro Icon Pack Minimal Retro Icon Pack


1. Music Player by Dave Keller Music Player by Dave Keller

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