Occupy All Screen: Captivating High-Quality Full Screen Sliders


After full screen background website design trend appearance, in web trends wormed a new direction – the use of full screen, filled with spectacular high-quality images slideshows. Most of the owners use this approach to show off portfolio items, since landing page is the most viewed of the rest website pages. Others want to grab attention by means of visual impact, and there are those who use it as a faux horisontal parallax effect. The main requirement for good-looking full screen slider is a high-quality huge memorable aesthetic photos.

Today I have collected 20 exceptional examples of using full screen sliders in website designs. I hope you find something useful and inspirational for yourself.

Enjoy and Have a Nice Day!

1. Philips Hideouts has an exceptional playground. Each slide shows high-quality, full of colors image with hidden Philips monitor upon it that has effect of transparent screen which you need to find. Philips Hideouts

2. Chopard uses standard horizontal accordion slideshow with full screen images in order to show off products in all its glory.Chopard

3. Restaurant Rendez Vous charms with an extraordinary solution. Landing page includes slideshow with dynamic elements that open while you scrolling down.Restaurant Rendez Vous

4. Cartelle – Interactive Studio has a rather narrow slider with apparent loading bar. Despite of the slider height all images are clear and high-quality. Cartelle - Interactive Studio

5. Chery Peru includes standard slider with auto-like loading bar.
Chery Peru

6. Helsingin Tapahtumatuotanto consists of 6 full screen images each of which has its own motto. Helsingin Tapahtumatuotanto

7. Gobdg – Web Design Syracuse. Slider plays a role of portfolio slideshow, demonstrating best of the best items.  Gobdg - Web Design Syracuse

8. Eldorado Stone has landing page which is divided into 2 parts. First one is a huge slider with themed pictures that occupied almost all center place, and second one is a menu that is arranged at the bottom and at the top of the page.Eldorado Stone

9. Sierra Mist Natural has a full screen slider with rather transparent navigation system. The whole bet was made on the natural-themed images rather than on content.Sierra Mist Natural

10. Flyrite Tatto draws attention by unstoppable full screen slideshow that depicts pictures of working process and  place.
 Flyrite Tatto

11. Heather Conlan is a well-made portfolio that primarily intended to show off the skills of the owner.Heather Conlan

12. Skullcandy Supreme Sound has a dark slideshow with right-side navigation system that demonstrates tiny images. Skullcandy Supreme Sound

13. Exsud Creative opt for mystery slider since images appear and disappear just very quickly leaving only a white screen with black menu items.Exsud Creative

14. Restaurant El Refugi incorporates really narrow looped slider with horizontal scrolling and amazing bright images.Restaurant El Refugi

15. Ismael Burciaga has placed images from portfolio on the landing page using full screen slider, leaving only 3 links to the gallery sections with simple logo on the top.

Ismael Burciaga

16. Marie-France Grenouillet is full of nature-inspired images that are carefully collected into huge slideshow with an opportunity to choose the next slide. Marie-France Grenouillet

17. Bicikli Fumic includes both full height-screen slider and static image as a background. Bicikli Fumic

18. Gardens has very informative slider. Each slide is accompanied by piece of information which opens after a click on the info icon. Gardens

19. Dharma Media also uses standard slider with black frames to make a perfect background for navigation. Dharma Media

20. Coocci utilizes unique slider which stops while you away from the page and starts from the same point when you back again. Coocci

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