10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design


The web has passed its adolescence and today’s web world calls for a minimalistic approach in every way! And when it comes to minimalism, the less is more! Minimalism is being noticed in every aspect of the activities on the web whether it’s intentional or limiting the color palettes.

The upsurge of flat colors and minimalism has also a huge impact on the web design as we are seeing an increasing number of websites using minimalistic designs on their layout. And when the web design is concerned, the minimalism calls for the sophisticated use of white space. Each web page design agency has opened up about the huge importance of using white space for bringing sophistication in the layout and for having elements stand out from the rest.

Using the negative space around a certain element, White Space can certainly make a layout and an element look minimalistic and enhance visibility. We’re going to give a little brief about White Space and 10 perfect examples of white space used effectively on websites.

What’s White Space?

White Space can be defined by an empty space used to distinguish elements to make the whole visual minimalistic and more visible. Simplicity is the latest trend in design and that’s what you get through white space.

White Space doesn’t mean that everything should be white! It’s all about leaving negative/empty space, which can also be achieved with other colors, as many websites have done.

Why Use White Space in Your Design

The correct use of white space offers a nice balance in your design by keeping it sophisticated, simple yet engaging. The white space between your content can improve visibility and add to the user experience you have been looking for so long. Take a look at some other benefits of using White Space in your site.

  • White Space increases readability and comprehension.
  • Your CTA and UI elements would get highlighted.
  • The design would look more sophisticated than ever.

White Space can be distinguished into two types – Micro and Macro.

While the micro white space is the space between small elements like lines of text, the macro white space is the empty space between the larger elements, which can themselves contain the micro white space!

We’ll now move to the top 10 examples of such website designs that have creative use of white space.

Top 10 Inspiring Examples of White Space Design

All the sites listed here have managed to create an outstanding white space design. There are many others who actually have crafted great white space designs but these 10 are our favorite!


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design
Probably, it’s impossible to talk about white space design examples without mentioning Apple. Despite not being the pioneer of white space, Apple still steers the wheel in the correct way when it comes to confidently and sophisticatedly using white space to gain traction, conversion, and sales!

Apple ascertains the elimination of any given distraction for their users.


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

Using the white space in a straightforward way, Quip makes the toothbrushes absolutely visible in front of the users. The white space surrounding the images of toothbrushes, placed in the center promptly grabs eyeballs to the toothbrushes, which is the actual purpose.

The CTA placed on the left side also drags the attention of users, making conversions.


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

Designed for leveraging users to build their own custom watches with a range of styles, colors, and finishes, Tinker highlights its product/service with a clear image surrounded by creatively put white space. They keep you focused on the watch with a CTA on the left side.


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

The latest design of Dropbox comes with a greatly clever implementation of white space, making the website layout look soothing and visually pleasing. The above the fold contains an automated sidebar popping up and a slogan on the left side. When you scroll down, you get to find a lot of white space with a simple picture and a tiny block of text sidewise.

Dropbox’s white space design keeps it minimal and approachable.


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

A distillery for non-alcoholic drinks, Seedlip comes with a new concept and they exhibit their products in quite a clear manner with a lot of strategically-placed white space, a clear product image and a concise product description on the left of the product. They also include a CTA which gets a good amount of visibility due to the clarity and minimalism in their design.


10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

WealthSimple is not only a navigable wonder from the top to the bottom but a great example of using white space to create an elegant look and engage users. Each image surrounded by the soothing white space draws attention of users and the coin animation does the job to convey the story of their offerings.

The clever CTA placement throughout the site increases the possibility of gaining clicks when the users scroll down (if not clicked at the top).

The Pisacco Chronicle

10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

Focused on Art, Cinema, and Food, The Pisacco Chronicle is a magazine that makes use of the Polaroid-style feature pieces that contain different colorful pictures. Surrounded by the white space, the polaroid style along with unique navigation makes it pretty pleasing for the eyes.

With a profound color palette and almost zero distraction, The Pisacco Chronicle makes to our list of most inspirational white space designs.

Progressive Punctuation

10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

We didn’t know there’s a punctuation mark even exists for Doubt until we dropped on Progressive Punctuation where many unknown and unusual punctuation marks are listed that express the expressions that go beyond commas, semicolons, periods, and other generic ones.

With a smart move to improve online communication, this site also has smart use of white space which helps in distinguishing and grasping all the unused punctuation marks in seconds!

Pocket Penguins

10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

The theme of bold texts with bold colors has been the identity of Penguins. And they are quite a famous name in the world of book covers. Well, their site carries the theme quite well with smart use of negative space along with some book covers, which quickly and effectively turn the eyes on the book covers.

Their use of white space instigates their conversion quite successfully.

Basic Agency

10 Most Inspirational Examples of White Space Design

Basic Agency is all about providing the digital experience and branding to the organizations. And their website reflects their sophistication and professionalism with uncluttered layout design. The white space they use on the site adds to their elegance and professionalism.

We couldn’t resist mentioning such an awesome example of using white space like the FedEx logo! The courier delivery service provider has come up with a logo that is an epitome of smartly used white space.

The space between E and X makes it seem like an arrow that symbolizes the delivery service.

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