Artistic Email Newsletter Designs


Providing your clients with up-to-date data via email newsletter is considered to be one of the main Global marketing solutions that is highly recommended for everyone who wants to take its business into the top level. Moreover, if you are opt to potential customers and regulars you should definitely create digital newsletters at least once in a month. It’s really easy way to show your users upcoming arrivals or vice versa share with them some well-forgotten but really valuable stuff. As for bloggers or online magazines a mailer is a part and parcel. There are great deal of tips, tricks and tutorials that reveal basic rules of creating good newsletter.

For example, there are some of them

or some useful resources such as

But, What I want to do is to show you a list of great examples of really artistic email newsletter designs that can not only grab attention of viewers but also inspire them and make them stay and visit a website.

1. IFMA 2012 Evite IFMA 2012 Evite

2. Sass Design Sass Design

3. Arts Creatives in Education Arts Creatives in Education

4. Kiana Kiana

5. Festa Junina – Invitation Email Newsletter Festa Junina - Invitation

6. Damn Fine Prints newsletter Damn Fine Prints newsletter

7. The Rolling Times The Rolling Times

8. Mikekus Mikekus

9. Herschel Supply Newsletter Herschel Supply Newsletter

10. The Cool Hunter The Cool Hunter

11. The Big Cartel The Big Cartel

12. Big Nerd’s Big Top Big Nerd's Big Top

13. Giraffe Newsletter Giraffe Newsletter

14. Aquent Newsletter Aquent Newsletter

15. Analog Analog

16. Note Books Note Books

17. Jelly Jelly

18. “Chegamos ao Brasil” "Chegamos ao Brasil"

19. Popularise Popularise

20. John O’Stin John O'Stin

21. Kate Spade  Kate Spade

22. Realmac Software Newsletter Realmac Software Newsletter

23. Daskalides Newsletter Daskalides Newsletter

24. Noble Isle Noble Isle

25. Pie charts… of pies! Pie charts... of pies!

26. Signal Noise Newsletter Signal Noise Newsletter

27. One Fast Buffalo One Fast Buffalo

28. Beer Festival Beer Festival

29. Gazette Gazette

30. Draw a Stickman Draw a Stickman

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