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Branding identity always has something to surprise us. It easily amazes us with its  incredible ideas and fantastic realisations. Designers put their hearts and souls into such projects since they are totally responsible for establishing “company face” and giving it a prominent and memorable appearance. Moreover, a properly-crafted and elaborated brand identity helps to sell goods and win loyal customers.

As all we know, every product at first is judged by its cover, so making it look truly flawless and nonpareil is more than important.

Today we have collected fresh examples of branding identity.

1. Hudson Made by Hovard Design Hudson Made by Hovard Design

2. Mein Honig by Thomas Lichtblau Mein Honig by Thomas Lichtblau

3. Risa: a Passion for Chocolates Risa: a Passion for Chocolates


5. Not Your Average Dan by Tom Ralston Not Your Average Dan by Tom Ralston

6. Edka Digital Edka Digital

7. Nie Design by Nie Design Nie Design by Nie Design

8. Eggplant Factory Brand Design Eggplant Factory Brand Design

9. Lönnberg Lönnberg

10. Marmal Brand Identity by Monika Kusheva Marmal Brand Identity by Monika Kusheva

11. Pleated Rose by Steve Johnson Pleated Rose by Steve Johnson

12. TLG by Anya Nesterenko TLG by Anya Nesterenko

13. Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

14. PROVO BAKERY by elyse taylor PROVO BAKERY by elyse taylor

15. TAXI. Mock Up. Rebranding by  Ekaterina Merzlikina TAXI. Mock Up. Rebranding by  Ekaterina Merzlikina

16. Sleepy Panda Book&Cafe by  Citra Limanto Sleepy Panda Book&Cafe by  Citra Limanto

17. The Secret Garden by  Christian & Allegra Poschmann The Secret Garden by  Christian & Allegra Poschmann

18. J. Hornig – Branding & Packaging J. Hornig - Branding & Packaging

19. Tool – Corporate Identity by Berin Hasi Tool - Corporate Identity by Berin Hasi

20. gardenhada by  gardenhada gardenhada by  gardenhada

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