As long as there's Christmas

Christmas Photography – Ideas for decorations and presentations


I suppose you’ve already gotten Christmas presents for everyone since Christmas is already on your doorstep. This is wonderful time when you can forget about all your problems and simply enjoy your life with your family and loved ones. But if in all this bustle you forget to decorate your home you shouldn’t be upset. Let’s decorate it together with good examples that I have collected for you today, all the more so it’s not so difficult to do.

First of all, you should remember that red, white and green are 3 most recognizable colors of a Christmas. If you want to make your home ideal for this festive event you should definitely decorate your walls, furniture and Christmas tree with decorations made in these colors. Candies, candles, Christmas balls, baskets, cookies, socks…almost everything can be transformed into holiday stuff with this technique. Also, you can use fake snow or wadding to add Christmas spirit. And, of course, use your imagination, it will help you to perfectly combine ordinary objects in order to compliment whole composition.

In the list below you will find more then two dozen examples of how properly decorate your place. 

1. Christmas Day Christmas Day

2. It’s Christmas Time It's Christmas Time

3. Decor at a Christmas Party Decor at a Christmas Party

4. Christmas Cakes  Christmas Cackes

5. As long as there’s Christmas As long as there's Christmas

6. Decorate the wall Decorate the wall

7. Myriads of Holiday Myriads of Holiday

8. Winter Wedding Winter Wedding

9. Excitement is a potent coffeine Excitement is a potent coffeine

10. Cute Drum Christmas Tree Cute Drum Christmas Tree

11. December Calendar  December Calendar  2

12. There’s magic in the air There's magic in the air

13. The best way to spread Christmas The best way to spread Christmas

14. Hands Prints Christmas Tree Hands Prints Christmas Tree

15. Various Christmas Decorations Various Christmas Decorations

16. Holiday Party Ideas Holiday Party Ideas

17. Wall Decals Wall Decals

18. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

19. I’ll be home for Christmas I'll be home for Christmas

20. Christmas Cake Christmas Cake

21. Ho,ho,ho and Burr Ho,ho,ho and Burr

22. It’s the most wonderful time It's the most wonderful time

23. Creative Christmas Trees Creative Christmas Trees

24. Sticks Christmas Tree Sticks Christmas Tree

25. Candy canes in white urn Candy canes in white urn

Christmas Cards

1. El secreto El secreto

2. Christmas Greeting Card  Christmas Greeting Card

3. Because some day Because some day

4. Blue Poinsettia Blue Poinsettia

5. Baja and White Christmas Baja and White Christmas

6. Christmas Card Christmas Card

7. Holiday Cards Holiday Cards

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