Corporate Identity – 40 Awe-Inspiring Examples


Maintain and build your brand is one of the most important and heaviest tasks. A habitual corporate identity includes not only logo and brand color scheme, it also comprises business cards, flyers, posters, stationary and much more. It covers many aspects of good business presentation that will help explain who you are, how you can help society and what kind of services you offer. In the world of severe competition it is an integral element of any agency or company.

Today I have gathered 40 awe-inspiring examples of corporate identity mockups that will fascinate you by means of flawless execution, unconventional coloring and unique approach.

1. Jean Paul Gaultier by Amanda Berglund Jean Paul Gaultier by Amanda Berglund

2. Sukkerbiten – Visual Identity by Martine Strøm Sukkerbiten - Visual Identity by Martine Strøm

3.  Benevolent Society by Annika Weis Benevolent Society by Annika Weis

4. Grafill Sommerfest 2013 by Daniel Brokstad Grafill Sommerfest 2013 by Daniel Brokstad

5. Museum Shop & Fine Fair by Lilla Tóth Museum Shop & Fine Fair by Lilla Tóth

6. Idep Barcelona by Querida Idep Barcelona by Querida

7. Telemobisie Telemobisie

8. Arc Festival by Ed Price Arc Festival by Ed Price

9. Brandiegames identity & webdesign Brandiegames identity & webdesign

10. Self Identity Design by Fengyi Lai Self Identity Design by Fengyi Lai

11.  Sandwich or Salad by Masif Sandwich or Salad by Masif

12.  Carnival Cookies by Celia Arellano Carnival Cookies by Celia Arellano

13. Glasswear Industries Identity by Nina Geometrieva Glasswear Industries Identity by Nina Geometrieva

14. What if you hire Arek – brand identity by Dora Klimczyk What if you hire Arek - brand identity by Dora Klimczyk

15. Mein Honig by Thomas Lichtblau Mein Honig by Thomas Lichtblau

16. Leading Search Group Leading Search Group

17. LiquorStache by Isabela Rodrigues LiquorStache by  Isabela Rodrigues

18. Self Promotion by Yerevan Dilanchian Self Promotion by Yerevan Dilanchian

19. Bukvarius Visual Identity by Brandiziac Bukvarius Visual Identity by Brandiziac


21. Two Times Elliott Stationery by Two Times Elliott Two Times Elliott Stationery by Two Times Elliott

22. Kempeli | Rebranding by Kempeli Design e Comunicação Kempeli | Rebranding by Kempeli Design e Comunicação

23. Au Brand Identity by Ayoob Ullah Au Brand Identity by Ayoob Ullah

24. Ultimate Identity by Eduardo Mejia Ultimate Identity by Eduardo Mejia

25. Flock Café by Kilo Studio Flock Café by Kilo Studio

26. Market Decor by Isabela Rodrigues Market Decor by Isabela Rodrigues

27. Marmal Brand Identity by Monika Kusheva Marmal Brand Identity by Monika Kusheva

28. KSAB by Diego Leyva KSAB by Diego Leyva

29. The Living Co by Alexandros Mavrogiannis The Living Co by Alexandros Mavrogiannis

30. Massproductions — Graphic identity by BrittonBritton Massproductions — Graphic identity by BrittonBritton

31. Portfolio 2012 by alice sung Portfolio 2012 by alice sung

32. Harte Realty by Flavio Carvalho Harte Realty by Flavio Carvalho

33. Ink by Naomi Farrar Ink by Naomi Farrar

34. Meet and Greet by Dima Je Meet and Greet by Dima Je

35.  Eastwind Visual Identity Redesign by Brandiziac Eastwind Visual Identity Redesign by Brandiziac

36. Bookline Rebranding by Tamas Kojo Bookline Rebranding by Tamas Kojo

37. garderobbery by Ampersand Creative Agency garderobbery by Ampersand Creative Agency

38. Gifts Workshop Gifts Workshop

39. PUF!™ Festival – Brand Identity PUF!™ Festival - Brand Identity

40. Cheap Labor by Sciencewerk Design Cheap Labor by Sciencewerk Design

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