Free Website Layout PSD Templates – February 2014 Issue


Today we have collected fresh examples of free website layout psd templates. Most of them are made for corporate and business websites. However, ther are several items that will make a perfect base for creating your own blog or personal page. They have clean layout based on 960 grid system and utilize clean and neat icons and pleasant coloring. 

1. Fotolia by Mushfiq Islam Fotolia by Mushfiq Islam

2. Miami by HEZY TEAM Miami by HEZY TEAM

3. Variety –  Website Template by Raphael Lechner  Variety –  Website Template by Raphael Lechner

4. Roran by  Mike Van Hemelrijck Roran by  Mike Van Hemelrijck

5. Simple Blog PSD Template by Bagus Fikri Simple Blog PSD Template by Bagus Fikri

6. Leaf – Free PSD by Tyler Rolfe Leaf - Free PSD by Tyler Rolfe

7. Free PSD Template by SuitsTheme Free PSD Template by SuitsTheme

8. Travel Template PSD by Agile Infoways Travel Template PSD by Agile Infoways

9. Coorp Template by Indicius Coorp Template by Indicius

10. Anchor – Free PSD by Tyler Rolfe Anchor - Free PSD by Tyler Rolfe

11. Micro Tumblr Theme by Greg Wilkinson Micro Tumblr Theme by Greg Wilkinson

12. Homepage Psd by Edi Gil Homepage Psd by Edi Gil

13. ShowPage by François Martin ShowPage by François Martin

14. Under Construction Template – (PSD) by Asif Aleem Under Construction Template - (PSD) by Asif Aleem

15. Valentino Valentino

16. Web Template (PSD) by Asif Aleem Web Template (PSD) by Asif Aleem

17. Journal Blog Template by SuitsTheme Journal Blog Template by SuitsTheme

18. CMS (Free PSD) by spovv CMS (Free PSD) by spovv

19. Creative Onepage PSD Template by Andreansyah Setiawan Creative Onepage PSD Template by Andreansyah Setiawan

20. 960 grid Ai Wireframe Template by Alex Lauderdale 960 grid Ai Wireframe Template by Alex Lauderdale

21. Shopmint Shopmint

22. Template by psdbooster Template by psdbooster

23. FLAT PSD Bloog by Stiva Taleb FLAT PSD Bloog by Stiva Taleb

24. Hype Landing page free PSD by Mat Przegietka Hype Landing page free PSD by Mat Przegietka

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