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Email newsletter is an integral attribute of any professional company, agency, magazine and even simple blog that effectively utilizes the power of internet. If you want to get in touch with your online users, make them visit your website over and over again, and even foist goods then you should definitely create a some sort of subscription and regularly supply your loyal visitors with interesting content.

However creating good articles is not enough, you have to properly dish up your content, and in this case, well-crafted email newsletter psd template will certainly give you a helping hand.

Top 9 Tips for Creating an Email People Actually Love and Read

Creating an email template that is worth your brand and, most importantly, target audience means doing your best all the time. Good email is all about providing your target market with valuable information and at the same time promoting your brand and foisting your goods without overwhelming and scaring away prospects. Seems like a hard nut to crack. Well, it certainly is; however, we know some secrets that will help you see through all the obstacles in your way.

According to statistics, an email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience, keep their interest alive, build trust in the company, promote your brand, generate traffic, and rake in cash. There are some impressive numbers to prove to you that it is increasingly important to invest in email design in 2021:

  • More than 90% of online adults use email. More than half expect their beloved brands to contact them through this means of digital communication.
  • Almost everyone checks their emails daily. Some people even check their inboxes twice and five times a day.
  • 60% of people say that checking their inbox is the first thing that they do. It goes before checking social media or news portals.
  • More than 60% of respondents say that well-done digital mails influence their purchase decisions.
  • Personalized emails deliver the highest transaction rates and get more than a 30% boost in open rates.

Well, what can we say? Email is a powerful instrument that is booming in the era of digital marketing and numerous digital modes of communication. Therefore, like it or not, you need to invest in email design and send out newsletters that your potential clients love and ipso facto read and even re-read. How to do this? Consider these time-proven nine tips that will improve your strategy and overall email marketing.

  • Decide what kind of newsletter you want to send. There are product news, new collection announcement, transaction emails, re-engagement emails, promotional emails, and some more. Which one do you want to send? It is crucial to make your mind about this. Narrow down your newsletters and define one vertical since emails aligned with a specific interest get way more engagement.
  • Balance text and visuals. Although images are the first thing that readers notice and understand, still at the end of the day, content is what matters. Therefore, do not overdo with images and illustrations. Focus on copy and message. Then add visuals to support them.
  • Set and, most importantly, meet the expectations on your subscriber page. It is imperative to stay true to yourself and keep your promises. This builds trust in your company that results in loyalty that helps to run successful email marketing campaigns.
  • Personalize the subject line. Before jumping into email design, nail the subject line since it is responsible for high deliverability and open rates. Without a good pitch, your email will be ignored. You can be creative, witty, or straight-to-the-point. Depending on your target market (or its particular segment), you need to choose appropriate language, tone, and subject.
  • Pick one goal and one call-to-action. The golden rule of every successful email design is one goal-one button. The more options you give to your prospects, the less decisive they will be. Therefore, narrow your goals to one, focus on it, and use one prominent and strong call-to-action to support it.
  • Make sure email design responsive, mobile-friendly, and of course, accessible. According to stats, more than 60% of users read their emails on cellphones. Therefore, it should look perfect across all popular screen sizes, especially tiny ones.
  • Respect the right of your subscribers to opt-out from your list. Although it sounds controversial, however, the truth is the more freedom you give to your users, the more loyal to your brand they will be. And that means a lot.
  • Make copy hyper-personalized. Everything from subject line or greeting message to offer and call-to-action should be personalized to hit the target audience.
  • Last but not least, conduct regular A/B tests. Whatever strategy you have, always do tests to find out whether it is productive.

Armed with these constructive yet straightforward tips, it is time to give you some helping hand in design issues. For this, we have gathered a collection of free newsletter PSD templates that you can freely use in your next project and frame your idea and message in the best possible way.  They are available free of charge.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. Elena Email is a psd template that has a sophisticated appearanceElena Email

2. Display Email PSD Template  is made in a neat flat style and uses a burst of bright colors Display Email PSD Template

3. Gusto is another flat style email psd template that has a modest outward Gusto

4. Boxi is an email psd theme that has a tile style layout that is aimed to effectively demonstrate lots of data Boxi

5. Email Template PSD V2 by Asif Aleem looks modern and stylish and a bit resembles a regular website layout Email Template PSD V2 by Asif Aleem

6. Email Template that is skillfully based on a horizontal stripe layout. Email Template

7. HTML & PSD Email Template by Tarah S. You can easily grab not only psd file but also a working HTML version. HTML & PSD Email Template by Tarah S

8. The pack includes 3 professional trendy email newsletter psd templates The pack

9. This is a set of another refined and neatly-crafted newsletter psd templates This is a set of another refined and neatly-crafted newsletter psd templates

10. This helpful set includes 3 corporate newsletter psd templates with a nice businesslike appeal This helpful set

11. Fantastic, full of joy email psd templates Fantastic, full of joy email psd templates

12. Email Template PSD Set 4 comprises 3 advanced email psd templates for various purposes. Email Template PSD Set 4

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