Inspiration Findings #18


Our weekly dose of creative artworks that is aimed to boost your inspiration. I have collected breathtaking examples of typography treatments, website design, fresh packaging design and much more.


1. Hello by Emil Paun Hello by Emil Paun

2. MAXIM • 1984 by S E A N F R E E M A N  MAXIM • 1984 by S E A N F R E E M A N

3. W.I.P.: “I Love Jazz” by Marcelo Schultz W.I.P.: "I Love Jazz" by Marcelo Schultz

4. Focus by Stuart Wade Focus by Stuart Wade

5. Shadow Line by Alice Glenane Shadow Line by Alice Glenane

6. Direnduvar Direnduvar

7. Metal Cover by Helder Oliveira Metal Cover by Helder Oliveira

8. July 2013 Calendar Wallpaper July 2013 Calendar Wallpaper

9. Graphical Carnaval Graphical Carnaval

10. Super Cool Typography greeting card by said basurto Super Cool Typography greeting card by said basurto

11. summer lovin’ by Sarah Sugarman summer lovin' by Sarah Sugarman

12. Active your routine. Topper. by franco falconi Active your routine. Topper. by franco falconi

13. Dodoni Frozen Yogurt Dodoni Frozen Yogurt

14. PLAYSTATION • Way of Play by S E A N F R E E M A N PLAYSTATION • Way of Play by S E A N F R E E M A N • T H E R E I S

15. Mindviolation “Francesca” EP Cover by Christopher Takakura Mindviolation "Francesca" EP Cover by Christopher Takakura

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