Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.3


This is our regular collection of brand-new type-inspired artworks that feature mind-blowing photomanipulations populated with ingenious fonts. In all verity, the type foundries can create fantastic appearances for basic alphabet symbols that will portray the brand and radiate creativity.

1. Extra Ball – Yorokobu Numbers by Baimu Extra Ball - Yorokobu Numbers by Baimu

2. Nördik Impakt 15 by Murmure Nördik Impakt 15 by Murmure

3. The Sculpted Alphabet by  FOREAL The Sculpted Alphabet by  FOREAL

4. Adobe – Industrial Logoism by Jodie Rudge Adobe - Industrial Logoism by Jodie Rudge

5. Magazine Covers by Charles Williams Magazine Covers by Charles Williams

6. Typefight N by Joel Felix Typefight N by Joel Felix

7. Arabic Typography by Jozoor Arabic Typography by Jozoor

8. HEXAGONETICA Typeface by  K A I W A HEXAGONETICA Typeface by  K A I W A

9. Lollapalooza 2014 Poster by Alvaro Arteaga Lollapalooza 2014 Poster by Alvaro Arteaga

10. Flow Typo by Samuel Sinaga Flow Typo by Samuel Sinaga

11. Art Truc Troc 2014 Art Truc Troc 2014

12. DDB by Sergio Duarte DDB by Sergio Duarte

13. Brighton/Japan by Pablo Álvarez Brighton/Japan by Pablo Álvarez

14. The Sculpted Alphabet by  FOREAL The Sculpted Alphabet by  FOREAL  

15. Imagine & Create by  Ben Fearnley Imagine & Create by  Ben Fearnley

16. ALPHABOB RU by Stas Arsenyev ALPHABOB RU by Stas Arsenyev

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