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Pandemic has become a huge part of our life. Like it or not, it is still here, and no one knows when it disappears. The only way out is to adapt. Thank God, we have coping mechanism for that and caring community that lends a helping hand to overcome all the challengies so that you can carry on with your life and work.

As a part of this community, we have already done some contribution. For instance, we have published several useful articles with tips that provide insights on how to stay afloat during 2021 like:

And we are going to continue this good tradition of supplying you with some helpful material. Tooday we are going to share with you a collection of free pandemic icons that come in handy in numerous projects.

Even though the pandemic takes place in real world, the digital one feels its breeze. We need to adapt not only offline, but also online. Contribute to the community, raise awareness of different and non-trivia problems that people struggle, remind to stick to the general rules to safe elders and much more – all of these should be promoted in the digital world as well, since people tend to spend a lion share of their time in the internet.

Some people build a website for this noble purpose, others create mobile applications or craft artworks or digital newsletters. If you have an existent website or mobile application you can easily adjust them to this cause as well. For this and much more you may need some good graphical material; and we are going to provide you with that. Check out our colelction of free pandemic icons.

Collection of Free Pandemic Icons

Coronavirus Icons by dDara

Free Pandemic Icons

The pack includes almost 20 icons made in an elegant line style that feels refreshing and subtle. The author has skilfully illustrated basic concepts of pandemic such as coughing, hand washing, keeping distance, etc.

Free Pandemic Icons

Free Pandemic Icons

While the previous pack features monochrome monoline icons, this bundle will delight you with its bright realization. Along with basic outlined version, there are some great solid color options.

As for assrotment, the variety is impressive. There is a dozen of vigilantly brought to life concepts and ideas.

Virus Pandemic Icons

Free Pandemic Icons

This fantastic bundle is all about virus and health. Here you will find icon-shaped tiny illustrations that depict such ideas and notions as virus, ambulance, first aid kit, washing hands , etc.

Each icon is 100% vector, therefore you can easily alter every detail of its scene as well as increase its size without sacrificing the quality. Neat.

Assorted Collection of Pandemic Icons

Free Pandemic Icons

Humans in masks, virusology, and some concepts that depict basic everyday routine of nowadays realms: this package of pandemic icons has some real gems inside as well as cover everyday icons. It is broken into several vast categories such as medical icons, disease icons, mask icons, face masks and of course Covid icons.

Each icon is delivered in several popular formats such as PNG and SVG and several basic sizes such as 16px, 32px, 64px, 128px and even 512px.

Free Pandemic Icon Set

Free Pandemic Icons

Even though pandemic icons should be all about danger, warnings and even a gloomy mood since we are forced to sit at home and stay away from people, nevertheless it does not mean that you icons should be like that. This fantastic bundle proves everyone that there is always a glimmer of hope in the darkness. It certainly makes us to look at this situation under another angle thanks to its colorful appearance and positive vibe.

The pack coverrs various aspects of pandemic such as health services, safety measures, preventions and possible cure.

On top of that, if you want to craft an interface or artwork that shows pandemic of global magnitude, these icons will certainly come in handy.

Each icon ships in fully-editable AI format: customize them as you like.

3D Icons Pack

Free Pandemic Icons

This unique bundle stays aside from its fellow collegues due to its outstanding 3D realization, gorgeous pastel coloring and smooth edges and shapes. Each icon in here is a marvelous 3D rendering that looks exceptional. Although it has a bit childish aesthetics, nevertheless if you want to instill some positive friendly emotions into your projeect (whether it is web or mobile UI or just artwork for email update) about health and global pandemic then it is certainly one to use.

The pack includes more than 30 items available in PNG format. Those of you who need to customize their looks, you need to buy a license to get your hands on editable formats.

Free Pandemic Icons Set

Free Pandemic Icons

Almost 50 high-quality icons are waiting for you inside this bundle. Each one ships in three popular formats such as PNG image, SVG vector and Base64. Icons are flat, bright, neat and clean.

Unlike all other bundles here, this one focuses only on one element, coronavirus, featuring this bacteria in all its glory.

The great thing is, you can customize each item inside online editor. You are welcome to alter such parameters as color, border, background, orientation. You can also flip and rotate it.


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