Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – February 2014 vol.1


Once again, it our’s regular collection of fresh typography artworks that features mind-blowing examples. We are going to take a look at innovative, original, and of course regular type-inspired works. These examples can serve as excellent source of inspiration and some kind of samples. These letterings simply fascinate and easily draw attention. The artists effectively combine layout, graphics and font, and leverage modern technologies in order to bring everything to harmonious and eye-catching appearance

1. The science of visual excellence by Ed Dye The science of visual excellence by Ed Dye

2. Masterpiece from Rostislav Mazurkevich Masterpiece from Rostislav Mazurkevich

3. STAY HUMBLE by Patrick Hafner STAY HUMBLE by Patrick Hafner

4. 400 by Jacob Fritz Kasimir 400 by Jacob Fritz Kasimir


6. LOVE by Ceres Lau LOVE by Ceres Lau

7. Life by Vy Dang Life by Vy Dang

8. The Hidden Sea The Hidden Sea

9. Logo inspire set  by Justyna Frąckiewicz Logo inspire set  by Justyna Frąckiewicz

10. Complex Logos by Peter Olexa Complex Logos by Peter Olexa

11. The ABA Journal by Dado Queiroz The ABA Journal by Dado Queiroz

12. Typography set # 2 by Ruslan Khasanov Typography set # 2 by Ruslan Khasanov

13. Another masterpiece from the previous set

Another masterpiece from the previous set

14. 2014 by Plury 2014 by Plury

15. KAIJU (Free Font) by Anthony James KAIJU (Free Font) by Anthony James

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