Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.1


Our regular edition dedicated to creative typography. Being an integral element of every web project, type helps to communicate message, convey feelings and set up necessary atmosphere.  There are numerous examples when font plays a leading role, rather than the secondary one in design and all composition depends on it. We have found exactly this type of type-inspired artwork projects that exhibit amazing and ingenious fonts.

1. 6000 by Mateusz Chmura 6000 by Mateusz Chmura

2. T-shirts by Santiago Castaño T-shirts by Santiago Castaño

3. February update by Peter Tarka February update by Peter Tarka

4. Greenhouse Type by Isabelle Austin Greenhouse Type by Isabelle Austin

5. DIN X NIMBUS by Darien Henry DIN X NIMBUS by Darien Henry

6. Foreal Foreal

7. Innovate Innovate

8. Renzo Piano by George Tsavalos Renzo Piano by George Tsavalos

9. A is for Astronaut Book by Jody Lee Oliver A is for Astronaut Book by Jody Lee Oliver

10. iPhone Robot by Clément Pavageau iPhone Robot by Clément Pavageau

11. SBS Two – POP by Luke Lucas SBS Two – POP by Luke Lucas

12. Play by  Kim Daley Play by  Kim Daley

13. Typo Play AlterDeco Typefoundry by adit saputra Typo Play AlterDeco Typefoundry by adit saputra

14. Nekow Typeface Design by Mike Greenshields Nekow Typeface Design by Mike Greenshields

15. Betawi-inspired Type by Kyla Birgitta Arsadjaja Betawi-inspired Type by Kyla Birgitta Arsadjaja

16. Project “LOFT” by Carl Hauser Project "LOFT" by Carl Hauser

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