Inspiration Findings #24


The inspiration findings rubric is dedicated to typography treatments that fascinate onlookers by spectacular exceptional and unique artworks. Every such amazing piece of art is a some kind of creative reflection on a choosen theme that is skillfully performed by means of various advanced programms.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. WORKS Sept.2013 by RDN WORKS Sept.2013 by RDN

2. 400 by Shrivatsa Upadhyaya 400 by Shrivatsa Upadhyaya

3. Explosive Power by AnotherExample Explosive Power by AnotherExample

4. Design Camp 3d logo by Spencer Bigum Design Camp 3d logo by Spencer Bigum

5. Aero Type by Khyati Nandu Aero Type by Khyati Nandu

6. Realium by Guillermo Torres Realium by Guillermo Torres

7. AMP Engines by Toby and Pete AMP Engines by Toby and Pete

8. City Typography Concept by Murilo Lopes City Typography Concept by Murilo Lopes

9. MINIMAL GRAFFITI by Stéphane Vignal / Opéragraphiks MINIMAL GRAFFITI by Stéphane Vignal / Opéragraphiks

10. Wonderland Type by Petra Blahova Wonderland Type by Petra Blahova

11. moebel – typographic furniture by made by zwoelf moebel - typographic furniture by made by zwoelf

12. Font with character by Vanya Kazukov Font with character by Vanya Kazukov

13. INSANE by Ron E. Ott INSANE by Ron E. Ott

14. How to Avoid a Shark Attack by Linzie Hunter How to Avoid a Shark Attack by Linzie Hunter

15. Typography by Chris Wharton Typography by Chris Wharton

16. 4FUN by Sebastian Ovidiu 4FUN by Sebastian Ovidiu

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