Exquisite Type-Inspired Packaging Designs


The modern packaging design always draw attention, since designers effectively show how to create quite memorable and unique cover for the rather small goods. Today we are going to showcase fantastic packaging designs that feature an amazing typography or, at least, were inspired by an extraordinary type.

The industrial designers ably mix typography with other powerful decoration tools such as textures, patterns and illustrations in order to reinforce the theme and make the design conspicuous; and the latter is essential for effective sales..

The list below comprises 20 fresh and exquisite examples.

1. Maestro Pizza has a sophisticated chalk-inspired cover that exhibits an amazing lettering and illustrations. Maestro Pizza

2. Gulp Milkshake. The whole package is based on the type that is nicely painted in soft and sleek colors. Gulp Milkshake

3. The Epic Seed has a classic black-and white color scheme that unobtrusively familiarizes customers with useful information. The Epic Seed

4. Bite Smart. The packaging includes a riot of colors and fonts that effectively craft this design. Bite Smart

5. Morrisons Just For Kids has a funny and cheerful outward that is most appropriate for children’s audience. Morrisons Just For Kids

6. Golden Road Brewing  Here, the designer ably makes use of huge massive type in order to naturally get readers’ attention. Golden Road Brewing

7. The Black Book of Cards are created by means of simple letterings that all together forms a solid background and an enigmatic  cover. The Black Book of Cards

8. California Square has a nice vintage type-powered logotype that nicely stands out from the dark backdrop.California Square

9. Plymouth Artisan Cheese is another wonderful vintage packaging design that leverages typography as a main decorative tool Plymouth Artisan Cheese

10. Yang Potato has a lovely newspaper vibe that makes the package looks unique. Yang Potato

11. Los Siete Misterios employs quite a unique and mysterious logo that perfectly complements and fits into design. Los Siete Misterios

12. The Gild. The golden grunge letterings ideally accompanies a dark firm layout of the bottle. The Gild

13. RedLeg has a nice summer atmosphere that is achieved mainly due to muted coloring and an elegant calligraphic font. RedLeg

14. 3 Howls. Here, the designer capably utilizes the fantastic hand-drawn lettering. 3 Howls

15. Cafe Vue Sandwich Packs. The designer skillfully leverages an artistic watercolor effect and bright violet color in order to make the design pop. Cafe Vue Sandwich Packs

16. Bunches & Bunches: Provisions. The letterpress effect nicely collaborates with a strong casual businesslike type. Bunches & Bunches: Provisions

17. Taza Chocolate is based on a monochrome coloring and clean and neat vector illustrations that efficiently interact with casual font. Taza Chocolate

18. Rewined Candle Packaging. Much like the previous example, the designer adopts a fresh approach of mixing together vector illustrations and clean font. Rewined Candle Packaging

19. Victoria’s Kitchen features beautiful and elegant type that adds to the design a sense of subtlety. Victoria’s Kitchen 

20. Normann Copenhagen Tea. The simple regular font effectively breaks the molds of the vibrant complex polygonal background. Normann Copenhagen Tea

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